8 tips to find out if the one you’re getting is fair

“When it comes to salary, perception plays a major role…” warns Michel Dubé, CIRC and Director of Compensation Consulting Services at Morneau Shepell. This is why it is preferable to validate one’s perceptions before accepting a salary offer. Here are 8 tips to help you do just that.

Employment sites

The first reflex is to consult one of the job sites specialising in salaries, such as Payscale or Glassdoor. In doing so, Michel Dubé suggests favouring sites whose data come from employers rather than those whose data come from employees: “Workers have an interest in communicating an amount that is higher than the reality…” he explains.

Government statistics

To broaden the spectrum, one can look at government data, for example, from the Quebec Total Compensation Survey (TCS) or Statistics Canada.

The problem with these sources,” says Mélissa Pilon, CHRP and Associate Consultant at Acetia – Strategic Compensation, “is that the data is a few years old and the salary ranges are wide. It’s hard to get accurate data that corresponds to our reality. »

The professional orders

Another option is to check with your professional association, if you have one. “Most professional associations publish statistics on the salaries of their members,” confirms the HR advisor.

Consider the location

If you look at the specialized sites, you can see that localization plays an important role in the wage offer. For example, an electrical engineer is on average paid 33% more in an oil city like Calgary than in a city of public servants like Ottawa.

Ask colleagues

“How much do you make? ” is a tricky question. And yet it’s being asked more and more. “Generation Y is much more transparent on these issues! “says Mélissa Pilon, while specifying that the salary must still be put into context: “Does the person have the same responsibilities as us, the same number of years of experience…? »

Dust off the job description

“One of the tips I’d give to determine if you’re getting paid for what you’re worth is to refer to the description of the duties and responsibilities associated with a position,” says Pilon. An accountant won’t earn the same salary if he or she has employees to manage,” she illustrates.

Calculating the overall salary envelope

When you receive a wage offer from an employer, Mélissa Pilon suggests that you take the time to convert the agreed benefits into a salary. A sick day is worth 0.4% of salary, for example.

“Some companies choose to pay their employees below market. But in return, they offer more benefits,” she says.

Checking whether the employer has done its homework in terms of pay equity

Finally, it’s good to know that the Pay Equity Act affects employers with 10 or more employees, whether in the private, public or parapublic sector. “It is possible to contact the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) to find out if the organization you are considering contacting is in non-compliance,” says Mélissa Pilon.

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