Frequent question: International Women’s Day is on what ?

Every year on March 8, all over the world, we mark International Women’s Day, but do we really know what it is or do we only mark this day by habitude ?

A little history:

At the time, this day, created in 1909, was called “National Women’s Day” and was celebrated on February 28th.

Then, it was on March 8, 1977 that the United Nations finally made “ ” official.International Women’s Rights Day” inviting all countries to celebrate it.

What is the purpose of an international day of women ?

This day is an opportunity to highlight the fight for women’s rights and in particular the reducing gender inequality.

Even if the situation has evolved over the last few decades, there is still a long way to go, if only on the professional side.

  • Did you know that among the 500 existing trades in Quebec, again 250 are considered to be non-traditionally female ? This means that less than 33 % of women do these jobs, mainly because of prejudices (it’s a man’s job, I’m not physically strong enough, what will people around me think?)
  • Did you also know that in 2018, the wage gapbetween that of men and women was 3 $/h in favor of hommes ? This means that for the same work, men are still paid more than their female counterparts.
  • Are you familiar with the expression “le glass ceiling» ? This is an expression coined by sociologists in the 1970s. It is the observation that there is an invisible ceiling that women face in advancing in their careers or in taking on high responsibilities, and which prevents them from progressing as quickly and as much as men.

Everyone, both men and women, can participate in reducing these inequalities through their commitment and attitude on a daily basis.

While it is important to acknowledge the work accomplished to date, it is also essential to realize that we still have progress to make, both personally and professionally.

We are all part of the solution.

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