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Administrative jobs

Are looking for an administrative job?

Diversity is the watchword of the administrative jobs professions. Many positions are offered on various functions, depending on the level of study and the past competition. You will be able to integrate different institutions of the public service of State, territorial or hospitable: town halls/municipalities, communities of communes/communes, general or regional councils, prefectures, hospital centres... The jobs concern, for example, the administrative assistant, covering all the office tasks, or the local development officer, in charge of coordinating the network of local actors. These functions can open the doors of more specific trades as responsible for public contracts or even clerks.

Are you organized? So working in the administrations should please you. Whether in the public by exercising as a territorial editor, or in the private sector, you will not be bored. Find on each of the business cards below, all the information you need to get the job that looks like you.

Administrative Secretary 

The Administrative Secretary occupies various functions according to the services to which he/she is attached.

The Administrative Secretary occupies various functions according to the services to which he/she is attached. It is a profession especially present in the public service within the services of a city or in the school and university administration.

Discover through the testimonies of Shannon, Emma and Maria, how to become Administrative Secretary. You can also find all the information about this profession (salary, education, qualifications, etc.). 

What is the job of Administrative secretary?

Shannon: The job is to write, prepare, organize and disclose required information/documents. It is also about managing several services within an institution. Being an administrative secretary is to be multitasking.

Emma: I have been practicing this profession for 10 years at a college in Toronto. My mission is to carry out all the administrative functions in close cooperation with the Director of the institution.

Maria: I have for mission all the various secretarial tasks (writing, management, accounting, preparation of circulars, etc.) but also the supervision of administrative staff.

What are the qualifications required to perform this job?

Shannon: We need to know all the legislative and regulatory issues in place.

Emma: Rigour and organization are the most important qualities to have in exercising this profession.

Maria: You have to be organized and responsible.

What is the training to perform the job of Administrative secretary?

To pass the Administrative Secretary test/certificate, a minimum must be the secondary degree.

Is there a certificate/degree for administrative secretary ?

Yes. To practise this profession it is necessary to have a certificate/degree of Administrative Secretary which focuses on editorial events in addition to the events of history, economics, mathematics, administrative organization.

What is the salary of an administrative secretary ?

The average Administrative Secretary salary in Canada is $41,061 per year or $21 per hour.

What advice would you give to people who want to do this job?

Shannon: We always have to be updated on the legislative issues. In addition, to practice this job you have to love to write.

Emma: I advise you to register in an institute to prepare for the job.

Maria: be organized and responsible because you will be led to manage several services.

Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for administrative tasks of execution and may be required to be in direct contact with the public.
As an administrative officer, the Administrative assistant occupies administrative tasks of execution and may be required to be in direct contact with the public. Discover through the testimonies of Mike, Elizabeth and Brad, how to access this profession and the various aspects of the profession (qualities required, salary, disadvantages, etc.). 

What is the occupation of Administrative Assistant?

Mike: The job is to carry out secretarial activities while using the various computer tools made available. For this, we need to know the various internal administrative regulations, take care of mail processing tasks, telephone reception, organization of records, reception to the public, etc.

Elizabeth: I have been an administrative assistant in a town hall for three years. My mission is to manage schedules, receive and transmit calls, organize and sort files, welcome the public, etc.

Brad: The profession of Administrative assistant consists in carrying out the various tasks related to the administration of the company where one works. It is a job that can be exercised in the public or private sector. As far as I'm concerned, I've been working at a high school for five years and, as I went along, I was able to get more responsibilities and become a secretary of management.

What do you like most about your job?
Mike: It is a constantly evolving profession where tasks are multiple and varied.

Suzanne: contact with the public.

Anna: I like to feel useful and have more responsibilities.

What do you like least about your job?
Paul: Spend many hours in front of my computer.

Elizabeth: the pressure felt.

Brad: Sitting in front of my computer all day.

What are the qualifications required to perform this job?
Paul: You have to be thorough, rigorous and organized.

Suzanne: It is important to have a good presentation, be organized and smiling.

Anna: Sense of listening, responsibility and diplomacy are indispensable qualities for this profession.

What is the training to become an administrative assistant?
To become an administrative assistant in the public sector, it is necessary to pass category C competitions which are not subject to any age or diploma requirement. In the private sector, it is advisable to hold a BAC + 2/3 level in the field of administration and Secretariat.

Is there a competition for this job?
Yes, including the class C public competition.

Are there special schools in this area?
Not. However, if you choose to prepare the contest at a distance, you can find out more at a specialized school such as the Servais course.

What is the salary of an administrative assistant?

Average salary: $18.40 per hour

What advice would you give to people who want to do this job?
Paul: I will tell them to be very organized and rigorous.

Suzanne: I would advise them to follow several trainings in the field of the Secretariat and the administration to learn a little more and thus make the difference.

Anna: Knowledge in foreign languages and computer science can make a difference in job interviews.