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Agriculture jobs

Natural Resources and agriculture jobs

Working in the sector of natural resources and agriculture, puts each of the specialists in this field, at the heart of the economy, indeed, it is the chain that makes work several industries at the moment, mainly the food industry . Professionals in this field of activity, be they: wildlife protection officer, farmer, fruit picker, or horticulture Entrepreneurs, will be in direct contact with nature.

The employment prospects in natural resources and agriculture are excellent, and spread over several specialties, the field remains in constant need of skills, whether in profiles less qualified as the trades of: fruit picker, Greenhouse worker, agricultural worker or in qualified or super qualified profiles such as the specialties of: Farm manager, Expert Agriculture products, inspector in agricultural environment, as well as the profession of forest engineering technician.

It is important to inform, that the Canadian agricultural industry qualifies as the seventh largest producer in the world, a sector that has spread and developed through the country's important natural sources; In terms of recruitment, it is found that agricultural cooperatives, soil or watercourse decontamination companies, agricultural engineering firms, agriculture consulting firms, food processing industries, Regional municipalities, LAS manufacturers of agricultural equipment as well as agricultural development centres, are the main applicants for skills in the field.Employers in the field of natural resources and agriculture, usually require the mobility of their staff, good knowledge in English for technical posts, versatility, ease of adaptation to the many changes of place of Work as well as making it easier to communicate and exchange without constraints are mandatory.