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Architecture jobs

Architecture Jobs

A job in architecture: is an area of activity related to the construction and building sector. A career option that relies heavily on a specialized training course. The architectural professional, is called the architect, he is the designated person to plan, design and carry out plans for the construction, renovation or redevelopment of any type of construction. (Residential, professional, institutional, ecological or specific buildings).

A qualified architect job is the profile that knows how to alienate the need of its clientele to their budgets, how to choose the best plans, as well as the suitable materials for each type of construction. It is both the Plan designer, the negotiator, the planner, the designer and the Coordinator with all the human resources related to the project. (engineers, decorators, contractors... etc).

To succeed in this career option, a set of qualities and aptitudes will be imposed on you, one quotes in the first place: good knowledge in mathematics, science and technical drawing, a dense sense of creation and innovation, a capacity To analyze to negotiate and communicate, good time management, as well as a good knowledge in foreign languages, especially English.

Potential employers in this career option as architects jobs, are especially: architectural firms, consulting and engineering companies, municipalities, as well as government. The architectural specialist can also open his own office and work independently, for this, he will only have to register for the Order of architects in his area of residence.

In terms of trades directly linked to the field of job offers in architecture one can elect: the development officer, the architect analyst, the landscape architect or the trades of: Director Architecture applications, and senior technician Architecture.