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The human being has always tended to transform the materials surrounding it in order to meet its needs on a daily basis. Of culinary art, to the dress, pat passing the art of light and design, there are some what dazzle the minds. The artistic field is filled with many interesting specialties in multiple branches of art. We quote: the Floral Art, the art of the show, mechanical or graphic art, arts and popular traditions, jewelry & jewelry, Goldsmith and watchmaking, leather, decoration materials (Metal, stone, Earth, glass, wood), light, architecture, fashion & textile.

Generally, art trades are a legacy of know-how, except that at the moment, and with the development of several techniques of work, artistic trades pass mainly through a process of training, in order to answer to the best the need of the market in the specialty elected. Target trades on this aspect of: artist Visual Arts, special effects artist, or designer of 2D and 3D animation.

An artistic trade, can easily find by the association of two main criteria, which are: complex the expertise to transform materials, as well as the realization of unique products, artistic. Here we particularly talk about trades for: Jeweller, fashion Designer & landscape gardener.

Profiles who succeed best in the way of artistic trades, are men and women overwhelmed inspiration and thoroughly passionate about the creative spirit. People who know perfectly well how to connect yesterday and today, to aim for a better future. Artistic professions can find in several areas of activity, it was pointed out to this component: audiovisual, architecture, gastronomy, fashion and luxury, the show and much more. Usually the key the imprint artist even large industries, which declares a mandatory presence of the artist in the heart of each specialty.