10 jobs that pay surprisingly well

What are the jobs that do not necessarily require big degrees, but pay surprisingly well? Here are 10!

1. Fraud Investigator
According to Revenu Québec, the annual salary of a fraud investigator is between $37,384 and $60,816; not bad for a techie! Often employed by the government, the investigator conducts surveillance, carries out inspections, writes reports and may be called upon to testify in court.

2. Minor
The wages of those who dig and dig deep in the mines are commensurate with the difficulty of the task: with an average salary of $75,000 and more, miners have good reason to work so hard. Like most jobs in the construction industry, a simple worksite health certificate and sufficient on-the-job training are required to get the job.

3. Line Erector
After a DEP in line assembly (900 hours of training) and a few years, you can earn up to $97,000 if you work on northern or remote sites.

4. Bricklayer
An apprentice, when starting out, can go for an hourly wage of around $20, while an experienced bricklayer can pocket between $40,000 and $73,000. And overtime, which is common in the industry, can add considerably to the annual salary.

5. Bartender
The bartender’s basic salary is very low, almost always around the minimum wage. It is thanks to tips that the bartender makes a good living. On the busiest nights, he is sometimes able to collect the equivalent of a month’s rent in tips ($500). But the job is demanding: standing for long hours, under constant stress… and with a smile! Luckily, it pays off, because you don’t make any old bones.

6. Hearing care professional
Offering excellent investment prospects from one year to the next, due to the aging of the population, the profession of audioprosthesist makes it possible to earn $828 per week from the very beginning of one’s career.

7. Crane operator
Not only does it provide access to beautiful horizons, the position of mechanical crane operator enjoys an average weekly salary of $1,129 initially, if overtime hours worked are included, after 7 months of limited training.

8. Elevator mechanic
With a vocational diploma in hand, a candidate can expect to obtain a position paying between $26.78 and $31.42 per hour, depending on experience. And since elevators are not going extinct, job prospects are always excellent.

9. Paralegal
Paralegals, who provide technical support to lawyers and notaries, need only one skill to earn an average annual salary of $45,000.

10. Garbage collector
Yeah, the hours are long. Yes, it is a very physical and exhausting, even messy job. But with an average wage of $23 an hour, accessible even to illiterate people, the garbage man’s job still has a bright future ahead of it.

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