Frequent question: 10 little things that will make you happier at work

It often doesn’t take much to change the greyness of the office and start the day off on the right foot. Zineb El-Alami, career coach behind the blog Ze CoachThe “The Way of the World”, inspires us with 10 simple ideas.

  1. Wait till you get to the office to get his coffee. Why swallow that nectar in a hurry in the morning stress? If possible, wait until you settle down at your desk to have your coffee: it’s one more motivation and a positive association that will be created in your brain.
  1. Take the time to walk around the office in the morning to greet his colleagues and take the pulse of the day’s general mood. It creates harmonious relationships!
  1. Change your wallpaper regularly to put something in it that inspires us (like a quote) or puts us in a good mood.
  1. Personalize your desk. These can be decorative elements, such as frames, or comfort elements, such as a humidifier or a lamp with a softer light than the neon lights in the ceiling. Plants are also known for their soothing effect.
  1. Avoid eating alone at your desk. Socializing feels good! Of course, sometimes you may need moments of solitude, but eating in a group improves your state of mind.
  1. Keeping his office clean. It’s not always easy for everyone, but keeping your workspace clean and well-organized helps concentration and calms the mind. The more disorganized it is on the desk, the more disorganized it is in the head!
  1. Keep a drawer of treats. A little tired or bored at the office? Why not dig into a special drawer, full of little treats? For those who are afraid of going too fast through a box of cookies, dates or dried figs are a wonderful way to satisfy the sugar cravings.
  1. Bring his lunch. Preparing dinner has two big benefits: saving money and not having to run out to buy food, which wastes time and provides an opportunity to socialize with colleagues.
  1. Prepare his clothes the night before. It’s not always possible to prepare your clothes like a perfect schoolboy, but getting dressed in the morning without stress helps to start the day off on the right foot.
  1. Take naps. The luxury of luxuries! No need for a mattress or an armchair. If you have a closed office, you can keep a yoga mat to take mini naps as a break. Otherwise, taking part of your lunch hour to rest your head on the desk can do a lot of good.

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