Question: 12 tips to get the new year off to a good start

It’s easier to give advice than to receive it, it’s well known. Every person in his or her career receives an immeasurable amount of advice of all kinds. But which ones are remembered and, more importantly, which ones have been successful?

Here are some of the tips received by people from different backgrounds regarding their career or employment. What better way to meditate during this time of resolutions?

1) What differentiates amateurs from professionals is not their passion, but their rigour.

-Rachel Tremblay, researcher/writer at Synonyme Média.

2) Don’t try to be consensual: face conflicts openly in order to resolve them.

-Ianik Marcil, independent economist.

3) I’ve been given the same advice twice: when you want to do something, do it. Even if it’s all wrong. If you feel like, for example, doing radio, fine, do it. Go to your local community radio station, otherwise buy a microphone and make some at home, anything, but try it. Only then will you find out if you like it…

-François Lemay, columnist for Radio-Canada’s Première chaîne.

4) Shut up and listen.

-Geneviève Pettersen, author and blogger (

5) Just do it! Nicolas Langelier, editor-in-chief, New Project.

Advice given by Pierre Bourgault when he was reluctant to launch the magazine P45, a project that propelled his career and led him to eventually found New Project.

6) Remain true to yourself and be passionate, while being open to constructive criticism. Continue to improve and learn. And… it’s a cliché, but be patient.

-Marjolaine Deschênes, author, lecturer in philosophy and literature (UQTR and UdeS).

7) If you’re not happy in your job, start your own business!

-Jean-Pierre Saulnier, kinesiologist and owner of the aktionréaktion center.

8) It’s me, my product. To be self-employed is to become yourself.

Maryse Bisson, self-employed.

9) Never alienate people, always end on a positive note in a business relationship.

-Stéphanie Pelchat, President, Ciblex International.

10) The pursuit of excellence is more satisfying than the pursuit of money.

-Steve Proulx, founder, 37e AVENUE.

11) Have a mentor or an advisory committee, because it is essential to surround yourself with good people.

-Patrick Bérard, entrepreneur advisor, SAJE (accompanist to entrepreneurs).

12) Always validate information with the client before proceeding with a contract or mandate. We are never clear enough as to the understanding of an idea explained verbally or in writing. So, before entering into an agreement, I always ask the question again: If I have understood correctly… The client will then confirm whether or not it is correct.

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