Frequent question: 15 paying jobs without a university education

High salaries and degrees don’t always go hand in hand. Here are 15 paying jobs that don’t require long studies.

1. Real estate broker – $44,252 (*)
With a commission ranging from 3% to 6%, a gifted real estate broker can increase his salary in the 6 figures, depending on the market he is in.

2. Web Developer – $52,208
Domain par excellence of the geek who learns the code on his own, the job of web developer is not a matter of diplomas, but of passion for Boolean operators (If-then, Gold, Andetc.).

3. Plumber – $54,652
It is constantly being said that manual trades are not sufficiently valued. Yet there are ways of earning a living more than honourably from them, such as becoming a plumber.

4. Minor – $69,628
Certainly, this is the kind of job that requires a high degree of mobility. You will have to move to a mining town, or commute as a worker in the far north.

5. Construction Contractor – $58,708
With schools, roads and bridges falling into disrepair, Quebec will not be short of construction projects in the coming years. Prerequisites: a keen business sense, in addition to the necessary accreditations.

6. Electrician – $56,524
It is possible to become an electrician with a vocational or college diploma. If you’re extra careful, you’ll have a lucrative career in this field!

7. Sheet Metal Worker – $52,832
Another trade requiring a vocational diploma, the sheet metal worker is one who shapes, assembles, installs or repairs sheet metal. A trade to watch out for, as described by Emploi-Avenir Québec: “In recent years, the number of sheet metal workers has increased significantly.”

8. Financial Advisor – $61,776
Knowing that 64% of a financial advisor’s remuneration comes from commissions earned, it’s up to you to develop your clientele and serve them well…

9. Crane operator – $61,828
Without a doubt as demanding as the miner’s trade, the crane operator’s trade has the advantage of being located in any city where there is construction work… That is to say, everywhere!

10. Aircraft pilot – $50,232
It’s a great way to kill two birds with one stone: fulfill a childhood dream (flying airplanes!) and earn a good living at the same time.

11. Author, Writer, Editor – $52,624
Because there is also a way to earn a living without getting your hands dirty! Ideas are worth their weight in gold, after all. And men of letters have always been good at it.

12. Firefighter – $56,264
Extreme job: you spend off-peak hours playing cards, only to find yourself the next moment in the back of a truck driving with an open grave towards a burning building or other emergency situation, since firefighters in many cities act as first responders. Not restful, but well paid.

13. Policeman – $59,852
This is a salary that is not stolen, considering that one risks one’s life and limb every shift. But what could be more noble than making a living fighting crime and protecting people?

14. Supervisor, Road and Public Transit – $52,312
Does not improvise himself as a road transport supervisor who wants to. A few years of experience as a driver or operator of transport vehicles are indeed required.

15. Cable installer and repairer – $48,204
The employer trains you. He provides you with a truck and tools. And they send you to people’s homes to fix their cable and phone problems. Not a bad way to make a living, right?

* Data is taken from the Guide des salaires selon les professions au Québec – Édition 2014. ** For all occupations, this is the average wage.

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