2022 greetings messages for colleagues: examples and tips

Why wish 2022 to his colleagues?

If you think wishing a happy new year 2022 is completely out of fashion, think again. Passing on your wishes is not a has-been, quite the contrary and can even have many virtues.

First of all, wishing the New Year in a professional way allows you to bring back fond memories of many people: managers or colleagues with whom you have worked, former employers, occasional or regular clients … You never know what the future is. done and you might need a letter of recommendation as part of a job search.

Then, for your current colleagues, the New Year’s greetings allow you to consolidate professional ties, but also to take the time for a benevolent exchange. Especially in this time of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Finally, the message to wish a colleague a Happy New Year allows us to be part of a sincere and benevolent process where we simply take the time to thank, encourage, motivate …

When to wish a happy new year to your co-workers?

You have until January 30 of the New Year to wish your best wishes for 2022. And your colleagues are no exception to this rule.

You can therefore opt for speed by making a phone call, sending an SMS or sending a card (depending on your degree of proximity), to give from December 31 at midnight your New Year’s wishes to your colleague. . But you can very well also take the time to do it before January 30th.

How to formulate your annual vows?

To send a Happy New Year message to your colleague, several options are available to you:

  • Oral wish a happy new year 2022 to a colleague : You can choose to make it easier and express your best wishes for health, happiness and success when you meet your colleague in a hallway. You can also do it by phone or by videoconference as part of a business meeting. The little word will always please.
  • Wish a happy new year 2022 by SMS : if you have your colleague’s phone number and you are close enough, a Happy New Year text message can do the trick.
  • Wish a happy new year by email or with an electronic greeting card : more conventional, sending a Happy New Year email is just as valuable for the recipient.
  • Wish a happy new year by sending a handwritten greeting card to a colleague: the greeting card is always a pleasure if you know your colleague’s personal address. But you can also send it to him at the office. It shows special attention because you took the time to write it down.

Examples of Happy New Year messages between colleagues

You lack inspiration to express your wishes for 2022, we have thought of you! Check out our best selection of Happy New Year message examples to tell your coworkers.

Greeting card texts between colleagues

If you are classic by nature, it is perfectly fine to buy pretty greeting cards and hand them over to your colleagues, or send them by mail if you are telecommuting.

Example 1: wish a close colleague the best wishes

[Mon cher Thierry] Where [Ma chère Stéphanie],

I present you my best wishes for happiness and success for this new year 2022.

I am very happy to work with you for these many years, because beyond your know-how which no longer needs to be demonstrated, you are a human and benevolent person. Qualities that are highly appreciated in the world of work.



Example 2: Wish a colleague in a more conventional way

[Thierry], [Stéphanie],

2021 took place under the sign of perfect collaboration, enriching and motivating.

May this year 2022 continue to make us grow together! I present to you on this occasion my best wishes for happiness, health and success.



Happy New Year email templates between colleagues

If you prefer to send a Happy New Year email, it is also possible and perfectly accepted in 2022. Here are some email templates.

Example 1: wish a close colleague

[Mon cher Thierry] Where [Ma chère Stéphanie],

12 months of work have passed, with ups and downs because together we have experienced the confinement linked to the Coronavirus epidemic, then partial unemployment and finally the resumption of our activity. But you have not let go during this year 2021, and your work and your benevolence are to be underlined.

I wish you my best professional and personal wishes for 2022. May this year bring you all the rewards and encouragement you deserve.



Example 2:

[Thierry], [Stéphanie],

At the start of 2022, receive my best wishes for happiness, success and health.

Work daily with [un], [une] colleague like you is a real pleasure. I wish us a long professional life as a pair.

Best regards


Oral examples to wish a happy new year

If you are more comfortable speaking than writing words, you can wish your colleague a happy new year 2022 with bright voices. Here are some examples to find the right words:

  • On the occasion of this New Year, let me, dear colleague, send you my best professional, but also personal, wishes.
  • I wish you a wonderful year 2022, filled with joy and professional success.
  • Happy New Year 2022! And thank you for your daily good humor by my side throughout 2021. In this period of the Coronavirus epidemic, being your colleague has been a great source of oxygen.
  • Happy New Year 2022. My best professional wishes are with you.

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