3 good reasons to learn how to reduce digital distractions :

From emails and chat tools to Zoom meetings and social networks, digital is everywhere and can have an impact on your productivity. Although many of us train ourselves to know how a management tool or an email box works, for example, in technical terms, it is rare that we take the time to educate ourselves on the proper way to use everyday digital tools. . It seems important, today more than ever, not to let them lead the dance and distract us with notifications and other subterfuges designed to make us consume!

Here are 3 good reasons to learn how to reduce digital distractions:

1. Digital distractions can cause quite a big waste of money

Endless written exchanges, web conferencing at productive times, constant digital availability, some trivial gestures can cost a lot of money.

According to a 2020 study by RescueTime, a poorly used chat tool would cost an average of $9,500/year/employee. This cost represents the loss of productivity due to poor management of the tool compared to the average salary of a person.

Please note, it is important to create a friendly atmosphere in chats and to be available in the event of a problem to be managed, especially in a teleworking context, but knowing how to use the right tools, in the right way and for the right things is essential. .

You should know that our concentration is very fragile and our work environment, today 100% digital for many of us, can too often take us out of our concentration bubble. Did you know that it typically takes a person 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus their attention on their task, according to a study from the University of California?

If, for example, you have a chat tool that sends a ringtone or displays a red notification in your computer tab all the time, you are not able to enter a bubble of concentration and according to the same RescueTime study, this reduces your concentration by 19%. No concentration, no effective work, no achievement of your objectives, you have understood the problem!

2. Not mastering your digital tools can undermine your work-family balance

You have an urgent task to deal with today, it’s 3 p.m. and you still haven’t started it because you got carried away by your many emails? Perhaps you have the feeling of having to answer your emails instantly to satisfy others, to show that you are serious and quickly available? We are talking about 70% of emails that are opened within 6 seconds of receipt.

Not knowing how to say no to web alerts means letting the urgency of others encroach on your agenda. When you respond to emails that are not a priority, you can jeopardize family time or rest time to advance your urgent task!

So you may have to postpone a dinner, work late to finalize what should have been during the day. This behavior can slowly become more and more regular and overload your days, your evenings, perhaps even your weekends.

In addition to weakening your social relationships, you are harming your body and certainly also the quality of your work. We need rest, working more than 55 hours a week would significantly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease according to a WHO study.

3. Digital distractions can lead to counterproductive behaviors

Jumping from one task to another strains our brain considerably. We are not physically designed to multitask. It is important to read this sentence several times to fully assimilate its message!

Distractions can make us do thousands of things at the same time but when you read your emails while on the phone, in truth you are not able to focus on both, you are sacrificing the understanding of one both or even both! Multitasking actually reduces your productivity by 40%!

Other behaviors that can develop are digital procrastination or scrolling through your Facebook news feed to take a ‘break’. This type of behavior stimulates your brain, even if you’re just watching a video of cats chasing each other! You use energy that you will no longer have available for the rest of your day and instead of taking a real effective break without screens to move from the office, stretch your legs, let your head ventilate safe from digital attacks, you overload your body and jeopardize your productivity for the rest of the day.


Our body is the engine of our life, our ideas, our productivity. Our environment, meanwhile, determines our attention rate and will allow us or not to work at our best. For all these good reasons, it has become essential to know how to control digital distractions and to learn to manage our days with a certain discipline in order to reduce this constant pressure of technology which can, if we let it interfere, cause a significant stress and have a significant impact on our mental and physical health, as well as our daily motivation and efficiency.

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