4 examples of catch phrases for your CV

CV hook: why fill it in?

To have a perfect CV, do not overlook the title, the hook and the essential sections.

I’CV hookit’s like the back cover of a book. It should say enough about the candidate to make the recruiter want to read the resume in its entirety. It’s a bit like the professional profile of a person, with the particularity of being displayed on the CV.

It is therefore advisable to slip into the CV hook information that will interest a recruiter to the highest degree, such as elements specially sought after for the position: “experience, a skill (language, IT, managerial) or a diploma (for young graduates),” says Prune Gauvin, head of the retail department at the recruitment firm Hays in Paris.

It can also be qualities. Like your mobility, if you think it can be a plus in the eyes of the recruiter. Or your values, if they particularly match those of the company. “If the catchphrase is consistent with our values, for example by using keywords from our pages on social networks, our website or the offer distributed, it takes on its full meaning for our teams of recruiters”, confirms Brigitte Schifano, HRD of

The CV hanger can also be used to argue, if you are in professional retraining, for example, or a recent graduate with a specific professional project. It is even the ideal place to do so, according to Philippe Hemmerlé, founder and director of the consulting firm CV First. “The hook is also a way of positioning oneself in terms of aspiration,” adds Pierre-Yves Grangier, division director at Michaël Page.

“On the form of the CV profile, there is no rule”, warns Prune Gauvin from Hays. However, some are more impactful than others: these are the shortest (5-6 lines maximum).

Below are examples of CV profiles.

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Example n°1: the CV hook subtitle

Confirmed assistant manager

9 years of experience in the field of women’s ready-to-wear, including 5 years as assistant manager and 2 years as store manager

Located just below the title, this teaser highlights an aspect of your application. Here it is the experience of the candidate, but it could be her skills, qualities, etc.

☑️ Recruiter’s opinion “It’s simple, concise, we immediately understand where the candidate is. I really like this CV profile,” confides Prune Gauvin, from Hays.

Example n°2: the CV hook framed with keywords

My skills

Managerial, Logistics, Commercial, Pedagogical, Technical

This hook is located in a box under the title of the CV, in the form of keywords with or without bullet points. It is suitable for candidates who want showcase their skills.

☑️ Recruiter’s opinion : “If this work is relevant and concise, it’s a real plus on a CV. This demonstrates the level of reflection of the candidate in relation to his profile and skills. He will thus be able to really highlight the achievements and knowledge that make his application attractive with regard to the main axes of the position to be filled. The presentation of the experiments then illustrates this first part”, considers Pierre-Yves Grangier, director at Michaël Page.

Example n°3: the framed CV hook that summarizes the career


I have spent the last two years giving individuals and professionals the means to make the most of the solutions of…. as part of their activities. I acquired the ability to convey unique experiences to this clientele through briefings, workshops and in-store events. In addition, excellence in customer service has allowed me to focus on the most important point of the business relationship: the customer. I now wish to extend my experience and my know-how to the service of a major player in luxury and high-end ready-to-wear.

This is a summary of your profile. It is recommended for candidates who need to justify a professional repositioning.

☑️ Recruiter’s opinion : “Candidates who are into writing can make a brief summary of their career of this type, believes Prune Gauvin. Especially if they need to justify a desire for change because recruiters read cover letters less and less. »

Example n°4: the mixed hook

Open-minded – Sociable – Dynamic – Versatile – Curious – Organized – Motivated – Listening skills


  • Mastery of different sales techniques (more than 5 years of sales experience) and conflict management.
  • Ability to manage a store (merchandising, inventory, purchasing, customer follow-up, turnover follow-up, qualitative and quantitative objectives).
  • Ease in public relations (ease of developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the various interlocutors).
  • Ability to organize events and trips.
  • Language skills (English, French, Mandarin Chinese and Teochew Chinese).

This hook mixes the subtitle teaser and the framed teaser. It is quite possible for a candidate who wishes to highlight different aspects (here qualities and skills), without making too much “clutter”.

☑️ Recruiter’s opinion : “It’s not heavy, we know what the candidate is looking for, it’s done in good intelligence, clean, well brought. It’s a good description of his profile inserted in his CV, ”says Prune Gauvin.

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