5 examples of areas for improvement to improve at work

1. Communicate better

No one will say the opposite: it is essential to know how to communicate correctly with those around you. This is the case in his personal life with his parents, his children, his friends. But it is also in the world of work. However, if some seem to have a gift in this area, communication skills are not innate. Like professional skills, mastery of communication is acquired. It is worked on and strengthened as you gain experience, provided you pay some attention to it. There’s really no secret to improving the way you communicate. All it takes is a touch of self-confidence, mixed with a certain sense of diplomacy.

Easier said than done ? Certainly, but keeping this in mind and trying to apply it during your professional exchanges, you will notice progress in your approach to verbal exchange. It is also of course to adapt to his interlocutor. You don’t speak with your intern as with your manager, or even as with your clients or colleagues. But whoever is in front of you, keep smiling and don’t be offended if they don’t understand your requests. You know it, but remember that getting angry is always counterproductive. If speaking in public worries you, you can also take training dedicated to this art of communication, because you are not alone in this situation.

2. Manage your time better

Among the strengths that many recruitment candidates put forward in their cover letter or in a job interview, organizational skills often come up. However, this may not be your case. However, this is not inevitable, but rather an interesting line of progress to develop. A few efforts will allow you to change your habits at work. Because the consequence of this lack of organization is a waste of time, and reduced productivity which could harm you in your professional life.

Some tasks that do not seem important to you must be carried out regularly. Filing your documents, for example, at the end of each day allows you to start the next with a clear desk and not waste time looking for such document from such old file. You can also plan your work on a weekly basis in order to distribute your work in an optimal way. Namely that applications will allow you to supervise yourself in this new mission. And among the causes of the drop in productivity, there is also the drop in prolonged attention, in particular due to our smartphones and the permanent access to social networks and their notifications. To avoid being tempted, place your mobile out of your sight and give yourself scheduled breaks.

3. Work better as a team

Improving at work also often involves working as a team more effectively. An area for improvement regularly raised by managers. Because you can be very good at your core business, but your skills can be affected by a lack of collective know-how. Managers sometimes find it difficult to delegate, on the pretext that they think they are the only ones who can correctly fulfill such a mission. Working in a team means trusting your colleagues. It also means consulting the colleagues concerned before making a decision. It is still to know how to accept the orders of his superior. Finally, it is knowing how to question yourself. Yes, it is difficult to get along with all your colleagues and to receive criticism, comments or reproaches, whatever our degree of susceptibility. Some comments may be justified and it is by analyzing them objectively that you will be able to define your areas of progress.

4. Manage stress better

According to a report by Technologia, 12% of the working population is at risk of burnout. This shows the extent of stress at work. To prevent this risk or to get out of it if you feel concerned, apply the previous advice, particularly in terms of communication and organization. And when the anxiety of going to work peaks, the cause is often an overload of work. Perhaps this will seem contradictory to you with accepting orders from your superiors, but sometimes you have to learn to say no. If you accept all the missions that are offered to you, you can quickly find yourself in an inextricable situation. Despite the difficulty that this refusal represents, it should however be done without being vindictive and remaining courteous, even if it means detailing your schedule. You must be aware of your limits and you will be able to express your difficulties to the HR department, to your manager, to your colleagues, or even to the staff representatives who are very vigilant on this point.

5. Live better outside working hours

It is not always in the workplace or during office hours that you will be able to implement areas of progress. Indeed, taking care of one’s lifestyle is a permanent mission which has no borders and can really have a beneficial effect on your performance at work. It starts with good sleep. Maintaining a regular rhythm is the best way to get enough sleep. Eating healthy is also very good for your cognitive abilities and to avoid the famous early afternoon crashes. A nap can be very productive. Don’t forget to have a real breakfast to give you enough energy for your work day. Practicing a sporting activity is essential, both to “clear your head” and to maintain your physical fitness. And of course, we avoid the daily afterworks. Adopt this lifestyle, you will quickly see the benefits at work.

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