5 good professional resolutions for 2021

But what is a good resolution anyway? It is a decision that we make in our interior and that we apply on a daily basis in order to tend towards a goal. For example, “I want to be healthy” is a goal. “I will take up sport regularly” is a good resolution. And applied to the world of work, what is a good professional resolution? In addition to the traditional sending of your professional wishes in January, discover our 5 examples of good professional resolutions that will help you get the year off to a good start.

Running out of inspiration? To find your best professional resolutions for the year 2022, you can use the SMART method.

1. Redo your CV to get 2022 off to a good start

The holidays have allowed you to reflect, to weigh the pros and cons and certain signs are clear: have you decided to resign? Where then, do you fear the looming economic crisis, linked to the Coronavirus epidemic, and you prefer to take the lead?

To give you every chance of finding a job quickly, redoing your CV must be a priority and why not your first good professional resolution!

Showcase of your professional career, all the essential sections must be included to inform the recruiter as much as possible about your profile: give him a title and write a hook, fill in your diplomas and training, your professional experience, your areas of interest, the languages ​​spoken and why not your soft skills … Whether in form or in substance, you must polish your CV in order to make it perfect.

Our advice : always accompany your CV with a cover letter, it remains highly appreciated by recruiters. Submit your application in our CV database to increase your chances of being spotted.

2. Create a great professional network in 2022

Building up a good professional network has many advantages: helping you find a new job on D-Day, developing clients, discovering new tools to increase efficiency or simply discussing your profession with your peers.

Building a network takes time and requires investment of personal time. You will have to go to after-work, conferences, meetings, spend time on social networks, make contact with professional organizations.

Our advice : for your professional network to be viable, it must be sustainable. And to do this, it is necessary to maintain it. It does take a bit of time, but you should get a return on your investment at some point.

3. Make your know-how known

The know-how, no doubt, you have it! No one doubts your technical skills, your appraisal interviews are going well, and you have even achieved all of your annual goals.

However, no one in the company, except your line manager, is aware of your good results, or even that you are the author of professional success. Your talent is not recognized at its fair value? It is therefore urgent in this new year to shine the spotlight on your “know-how”.

What is “let-know” and how do you put it in place? It consists of communicate well on its “know-how”, in other words his technical skills. For this, you must master a certain number of factors:

  • the content disseminated on social networks,
  • develop your story-telling
  • set up your personal branding

This will allow you to differentiate yourself from other company employees.

What can be the interest? From a global point of view, allow the employees of the company to identify you in the organization chart and to be spotted in the company. On a more personal level, help you get an internal promotion or improve your compensation.

4. Learn to disconnect from work

Stop checking your emails outside of working hours, here is the right resolution that you will surely embark on this year 2022!

What does it consist of? You will surely understand it: disconnect from your professional tasks. To begin with, you need to get rid of the idea that processing your messages in your spare time saves you time in your working hours and therefore increases efficiency. This may be true in the short term, but it is a mistake… in the long term.

It is true that immediately you will feel less “overwhelmed” if your mailbox contains 20 unread emails rather than 150. But in the long term, your brain never disconnects, it receives constant stress. The risk is that you will no longer be able to do everything simultaneously and your body will no longer be able to take it. We then speak of burn-out.

How to disconnect from your work? Several tips and best practices can help you. In particular, make sure you turn off and then put your work electronic devices (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) in a box or room in your home. Force yourself not to touch it during the evening, public holiday, vacation or weekend. If you really have to deal with a work emergency, schedule your working hours. For example, plan an hour on Sunday at the end of the day.

Learning to disconnect also saves time to do other things! Join a gym, hang out with the family, or just relax. You will be more productive on Monday morning!

5. Adopt a greener approach to the office

And for your fifth good professional resolution, we suggest you take care of the planet. Your ecological conscience is acquired at home, selective sorting and energy saving are part of your daily ritual.

Convinced at home, all you have to do is apply these eco-friendly gestures at the office. Whether or not your company has placed ecology at the heart of its values, you can adopt an ecological approach at your scale and even rally your colleagues to your cause. No need to set yourself up as a spokesperson for the green cause, changing a few “bad” habits and adopting “good practices” are enough:

  • every evening turn off his computer and the lights in the open space;
  • print a document only if it is really useful;
  • wear chunky sweaters rather than trying to achieve tropical heat in the office;
  • invest in a gourd and eliminate the use of single-use cups;
  • favor public transport, carpooling, use of the bicycle or scooter to get to work, and leave your personal vehicle in the garage.

“Small streams make great rivers,” keep this metaphor in mind. There is no point in acting alone. By adopting an eco-friendly approach in the office, you are setting a good example and making people want to rally to your cause, perhaps even at the level of the company!

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