Question: 8 benefits that are worth more than an increase

It’s not always easy to get a pay raise from our boss. Note that some benefits are worth as much, if not more than a raise.

1. The organization of working time
When you work full-time, you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time for yourself. It is possible to negotiate with your employer to spread your work schedule over four days instead of five, or to ask for a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

2. Teleworking
According to speaker, coach and author Stéphanie Milot, “offering someone the opportunity to work from home one or two days a week is a real advantage! When we think of the number of hours spent in transportation per week to get to work, it’s a very winning option for many people. »

3. Financing of training
Continuing your training while you are in the job market can be very advantageous, especially when it’s your employer who pays! By continuing your training, you acquire new knowledge and broaden your field of expertise. You can therefore be offered more stimulating tasks. And with an additional diploma, you have a better chance of getting a salary increase later on!

We can also ask our boss to attend trainings or seminars related to our work, or to obtain the services of a mentor within the company. These options that will help us improve will inevitably benefit our employer.

4. Work related material benefits
“We can also ask for a car, or get a budget to cover our gas expenses, or have an expense allowance related to our activities for the company,” says Milot. A very interesting saving that is sometimes worth a salary increase.

5. Quality of life at work
As long as you spend a considerable number of hours at work, you might as well be comfortable there. “Having an ergonomic chair or a ball to sit on, or even having your desk near a window, according to Stéphanie Milot, are little things that make everyday life much more pleasant! “What’s more, they are easy to meet and don’t cost the employer much.

6. Protection in the event of loss of employment
No one likes to think about what would happen if for some reason you had to lose your job. That’s why it’s a good idea to negotiate a severance package or coaching service with your boss to help you find a new job if you run into trouble.

7. Opportunity for advancement
If our boss doesn’t agree to a raise, why not ask him or her to make a difference in our work life in a different way by asking for a change in our tasks, or a more challenging role?

8. Shares of the company
Some companies offer the possibility for employees to invest in the company. This is a token of recognition from the employer, and in the end, it can pay off.

In short, when the time comes to negotiate with one’s employer – or a potential employer – one often thinks in terms of a pay increase, but there are many things that can make our lives much more enjoyable and that are worth as much, if not more, than a raise.

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