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What type of job seeker are you? Are you more active or passive? Most job seekers have the instinct to look at job search sites and patiently wait for a position that matches their profile to appear.

This technique can work, but puts you in a situation where you don’t really have control over your process. To maximize your chances of quickly finding the desired job, I offer you an approach based on proactivity and more particularly the use of the technique of calling on the employer.

Unexpected opportunities await you

Not all employers post their positions, sometimes they don’t have enough time to recruit and often have to fill positions on short notice. They therefore prefer to use their network of contacts or even select a person from among the unsolicited applications they have received.

The objective of this strategy is therefore to discover employment opportunities that you may not know without having discussed directly (on the phone or in person) with an employer.

5 rules to perform when calling an employer

To make your appeal to the employer a success, here are some basic rules to follow.

1. Target the right companies

You must first choose the companies that interest you according to the desired job. The goal is not to contact random companies, but to really select the ones that are relevant and that you would really like to work for. Then, try to speak to a manager of the company to validate his openness to a meeting to discuss your skills based on current or future job opportunities.

2. Overcome the secretary filter

The biggest difficulty is to overcome the very good filter of the secretariat.

If you say that you are looking for a job, the secretary may ask you to send your CV by email or to apply on their website.

Instead, ask to speak to the manager for “professional inquiries” so that you have a chance to chat with them. You can then highlight in a few words your training and experience for the position in question within the company. If you are unsuccessful in speaking to a manager, don’t be discouraged. Most of the time, you have to make multiple calls to various companies to discover the opportunity that will allow you to land a meeting or an interview with an employer.

3. Stand out from the crowd

One of the goals of the call to employers is to make you stand out. You are not just an anonymous resume in a pile, you are the candidate who took the trouble to contact the employer to verbally express their interest and have a real conversation with them. And that’s where all the difference lies. If you’ve been able to make good contact, he’s more likely to think of you when needed. In addition, he may ask you to send your CV to his personal inbox and the chances of him reading your CV increase significantly.

Even if, during your call, the employer reports that there is no job opportunity at the moment, I strongly encourage you to ask to meet with him for a few minutes, if only to ask him a few questions. on the company, on the skills sought for the position you are targeting, etc. The idea is that he can meet you, put a face and a personality on your application and thus allow you to assert some of your skills.

4. Get a referral

Even if there is no direct job opportunity when you call, it may be that after meeting you, the employer will take an interest in your application and see opportunities that are not available to them. had not thought of during your first exchanges.

And even if they don’t, don’t hesitate to ask if they know of any other companies you could contact. Since he is positioned in a company in a sector that you are targeting, he will perhaps recommend a very good resource to guide you and give you new avenues of employment to explore.

5. Write a thank you letter

Finally, if the employer has taken the time to meet with you, quickly write them a thank you email. This email will act as a follow-up while having the advantage of reminding him, in a positive way, that you have an interest in a position in his company. The more follow-ups you do, the more the employer will remember you when the time is right.

In conclusion, do not remain inactive and take control of your procedures!

Do you doubt this strategy because you are afraid of disturbing? Don’t be afraid to contact employers! Even if some will be too busy to talk to you, others are just waiting for your call to fill vacancies within their company and thus avoid a long recruitment process. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking the chance to contact an employer.

Keep in mind that the objective is not to beg for a “job”, but to offer your services in order to better position yourself in the job market.

Good luck!

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