After 10 years of nothing, how do you ask for and get a raise?

They advise you

  • Insaff El Hassini, compensation negotiation coach and creator of the Ma Juste Valeur podcast
  • André Sobczak, creator of the #NégoTraining program offered by Audencia

Two possible hypotheses:

1️⃣ You have been in the same position for ten years

The situation: You took your job ten years ago, you have not officially changed position and therefore zero increase.

The situation is serious ! In fact, you dare not ask for a raise because you anticipate a refusal from your manager on the pretext that you still hold the same position. Error, serious error to be rectified by using these arguments:

  • Increase in the cost of living

Nothing obliges your employer to reassess your salary annually with regard to inflation (unless you are paid the minimum wage). But nothing prevents you from calculating the amount of lost wages generated in 10 years due to the increase in the cost of living and showing it to your employer.

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Insaff El Hassini

No change in position on paper but in practice in 10 years, your function has changed. “Argument that in 10 years you have gained in skills and experience. That your missions have expanded. For example that you act as a tutor for new recruits, that it is you who ensure the transmission and decryption of the customs of the box. That it is still to you that we entrust the most complex files because precisely you are senior in your position”, illustrates Insaff El Hassini, coach in compensation negotiation, expert in equal pay.

  • Future value creation

List the next projects over the next ten years, just to drive the point home. “After having quantified your contribution to the company for 10 years, clearly ask your manager whether or not he wants you to continue contributing and creating value for the company”, insists André Sobczak, creator of the program # NegoTraining offered by Audencia.

It’s simple, in a search engine, type the title of your function + 10 years of experience. 10 years ago, you were hired at 38 K€, today the market is offering you 55 K€, so what. What does your manager offer?

?QWhat possible outcome?

“If your manager is smart and benevolent, he will readjust your salary. Otherwise, you will have to get out of your comfort zone and apply elsewhere, ”warns Insaff El Hassini, also creator of the Ma Juste Valeur podcast. It will not have escaped your notice that the executive employment market is more than buoyant. There is even talk of full employment (unemployment rate of executives around 3.7%), so external mobility can pay off.

2️⃣ If you have changed jobs in the last ten years

The situation: You took your job ten years ago, you were officially promoted but still without the slightest raise.

In this case, it is also urgent to ask for a serious increase because obviously, it will not fall from the sky. “For many employees, having obtained more responsibilities is already a huge mark of recognition. So they feel guilty for asking for any raise. “, notes Insaff El Hassini. Again, it’s not fair on the part of the employer to surf on this guilt. It’s downright disrespectful. So we move.

  • Make your contribution/reward ratio

Andre Sobczak,

“One sheet, two columns. On the left, list your current tasks and on the right your current salary. At a glance, you will see that this is not consistent. Show this document to your manager”, recommends our expert, emphasizing the consistency of the internal salary grid. “Women in particular must learn to put themselves forward and not just talk about the collective,” says André Sobczak, co-holder of the Positive Impact chair at Audencia.

  • Benchmark on the market : same principle as for the first profile.

?QWhat possible outcomes?

  • Your manager or HR are smart and provide salary catch-up.
  • They don’t want to hear anything because it’s the crisis (we know the song). If you are ready to move, go in search of a new job, but elsewhere.
  • They don’t want to hear anything but this club, you still find it nice, your job is interesting, it’s close to your home, you can’t take the risk of changing because there’s a loan to repay, higher education to pay, etc. In short, whatever your motivations, you want to stay there. “In this case, take note of the impossibility of being raised and negotiate other advantages. A transition to 4/5th without loss of salary, top-level training, a place in a free crèche (it is estimated at 1000 euros per month), a company car…”, Insaff El Hassini list. You can also trade a premium or an exceptional variable, less binding on the long term for the company.

Testimony of Cécile, 45 years old, legal manager

Every year for more than a decade, this legal officer has seen other people’s raises pass across her desk… but never anything for her.

“I stupidly thought that the quality of my work would be enough to trigger a raise. However, it does not work like that, I am too naive, ”she agrees. This year, she has therefore prepared a request for a concrete increase. How? ‘Or’ What ? By probing one of her internal counterparts and discovering a huge salary gap between them. By scrutinizing the remuneration studies of recruitment firms for their level of seniority. And of course, by listing precisely what it does in addition to its initial mission. “Since my arrival in the box, for example, we hardly ever call on lawyers. By processing the files myself, I generate real savings,” she explains. Convinced of its added value, she asked for a 17% increase. “I got +12%. This satisfies me because my job is close to home and it also contributes to my balance. Below 10%, I would have looked for a new position elsewhere. But with at least three days of telework, ”she concludes.

Testimony of Claire*, 30 years old, assistant workshop manager

For 10 years, the date of her arrival in this luxury group, Claire’s mission has continued to evolve to finally become an off-duty, the right arm of the workshop manager. “To the point of leading discussions with him on raises for other team members,” she says. By highlighting her technicality and the expansion of her scope of intervention, Claire ended up obtaining the title of assistant workshop manager, the upgrading of her level and a 20% increase. “It’s still below my market value but I didn’t want to leave the group. I also won an exceptional annual bonus. And in 2-4 years, I will be appointed workshop director elsewhere in France, ”smiles the one who was nevertheless convinced that her manager would refuse her everything.

*Name has been changed.

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