Bounce back after rejection – Centre step

That’s it! That’s it! You’re looking for a job and things are finally moving! You’ve been invited to an interview for a position that really interests you! Unfortunately, the end result is not what you expected. You were convinced that the interview went well, that you had the skills and personality needed for the position. However, you were informed that your application was not retained. Disappointment, anger, sadness, frustration, discouragement… are all emotions you may experience. Take the time to welcome these emotions and digest them (not too long anyway), and then bounce back! Here are a few tips:

Ask the employer for feedback

There may be several reasons why your application was not retained: poor preparation, lack of self-confidence, skills gap, poor fit with the work team, an internal person got the job, etc. Ideally, you should ask the employer why you were unsuccessful, so that you can improve next time.

If you feel that the employer is giving you a polite answer, you can ask your employment counsellor to contact them. She may be more skillful and in a better position to get the facts straight.

Feedback on your interview

Reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well. How well prepared were you? Were there any questions that were more difficult to answer? Were you able to put forward the required skills well? What could you have done differently? Take notes to help you be better prepared for the next time and feel more confident.

Keep in touch with the employer

It is in your best interest to keep in touch with your employer. Just because you have been refused the job this time does not mean that there are no possibilities. If you have a LinkedIn account, you could apply to the employer for an add-on, for example. Otherwise, keep his or her contact information and call him or her back after a while.

Stay positive

An interview may not have gone well, but don’t let it get you down. Stay positive and confident, the right job for you will come at the right time!

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