Covid: how to celebrate Christmas in business this year?

How to organize a Christmas party in business?

Are you looking for an idea for celebrate Christmas with your telecommuting team ? This period can be a good excuse for any manager. If you want to cheer up your team, weld it together and end this year on a happy note, you can organize a small event for Christmas.

It is important to bring the magic of Christmas to life to keep everyone’s morale up.

How to organize a Christmas party for a telecommuting team? Thanks to the technology and remote work tools that have developed with the generalization of teleworking, it is possible to have a good time with colleagues from the same team as the Christmas holidays approach. And even physically distant from each other.

Here are some “Covid friendly” ideas to give a festive boost to the end of the year:

  • Organize a virtual party.
  • Organize a virtual Christmas aperitif.
  • Plan a digital escape game.
  • Prepare an interactive quiz.
  • Organize a virtual karaoke …

How to organize an office decoration contest for Christmas?

To maintain team cohesion and infuse a little Christmas magic into your telecommuting team, you will have to adapt. What can be done to celebrate Christmas in a company when all employees are remotely? What if you offered members of your team decorate their workplace on a Christmas theme !

For this, you can propose the idea by email and set the day and time of contest of the most beautiful office for Christmas. Then, you will have to create a virtual event with the remote communication tools used by the company (Meet, Zoom, Skype…).

Then, an online survey tool (Doodle for example) will allow you to choose, in all discretion, the most beautiful personal work desk.

▶ ️ If you and your team are present on the premises of the company, you can transpose this idea and suggest that everyone bring a little Christmas touch to their desk to give it a festive air.

How to organize the election of the ugliest Christmas sweater at work?

Some of the company’s employees probably want to ease the pressure a bit at the end of the year. And corporate Christmas parties are an opportunity to spend a more fun and friendly time with colleagues, and even remotely.

Why don’t you organize a ugliest office christmas sweater contest ? The idea is quite simple: everyone should wear a Christmas sweater, as kitsch as possible, during a virtual event that you have previously created on Zoom, Meet or Skype for example.

An online survey tool will then allow you to choose, in all discretion, the most beautiful / ugly Christmas sweater.

▶ ️ If you do not telework, it is perfectly possible to set up this election on the premises of the company. All you need to do is offer teams to play the game on a specific day and organize a secret ballot vote.

How to plan a Christmas meal in business?

Organizing a Christmas dinner, afternoon tea or small snack on company premises becomes more complicated when employees are telecommuting, but it is not impossible if you are motivated.

In the premises of the company or in a bar, several possibilities are available to you to organize a Christmas dinner with your team. If all the employees are present on certain days of the week in the premises, favor these times to set the date for the Christmas dinner.

Here are a few ideas for corporate Christmas meals or snacks: personalized aperitif cake packages, small boxes of macaroons, distribution of individual filled baskets, boxes of chocolates or papillotes …

How to organize a gift exchange to celebrate Christmas in business?

If you do not prefer to organize a physical or virtual event, it is quite possible to please your employees in other ways. For example, you can opt for Christmas gift boxes, gift vouchers, or dematerialized gift cards.

Gift boxes allow you to personalize your shipments, but also to support the French economy. Sent packaged to employees’ homes, they will quickly find a place at the foot of the Christmas tree.

To promote your CSR commitments, you can, for example, offer an insulated water bottle or a personalized tote bag. Or stay in the classic with chocolates, a bottle of wine, boxes of personalized cookies.

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