Best answer: Dare to choose a non-traditional job

Ladies! Did you know that there are more than 500 trades in Quebec and that, among them, 251 professions are considered non-traditional for women? Yes, they are!

A trade is considered non-traditionally female when less than 33% of the workers in the trade are women. In other words, these are occupations that are predominantly exercised by men.

Preconceived ideas

When you ask the question ” What traditionally male occupations can you name? “, most people answer fireman, policeman, carpenter, electrician…

Moreover, when asked why they think so few women work in non-traditional occupations, the most common response is: “…the women who work in non-traditional occupations are not in traditional occupations…”. because they don’t have the same physical strength as men! »

But is it true that traditionally male occupations all have a high requirement for physical strength? Let’s find out!

Demystifying non-traditional female professions

Metallurgical engineer, programmer-developer, bus driver, bailiff, construction machinery operator, airplane pilot and physicist are among the non-traditional female occupations. However, none of them require good physical condition or the use of force to be successful in their work.

Are you passionate about mathematics? Do you have a logical mind? Are you a computer geek? Maybe the job of web programmer-developer is for you.

Do you like being outside? Are you manual? Why not one of the 32 trades and occupations in the construction industry!

Traditionally male does not mean inaccessible to women!

When I was working as a recruitment consultant, I hired a woman welder. I remember the department manager coming to see me, worried that she couldn’t “do the job” because he was afraid she would find it too messy or too difficult.

After a few weeks, he came back to see me, mentioning that his new employee was very gifted and that the atmosphere of the work team was more respectful since she was in the workshop.

There are many examples like this. If you are curious to know more, we offer orientation sessions to help you think about whether you are interested in a non-traditional female job or not. Twice a year, we also organize a job café during which women talk about their experiences in non-traditional occupations. The next one will take place on 26 April. Find out more about it!

So what skills do you need for a non-traditional occupation?

Curiosity, passion, determination, willpower and, above all, the desire to practice something you love! There are many job opportunities. Regardless of gender, the most important thing is to have the right skills for these jobs.

In summary

  • There are non-traditional female occupations in a variety of sectors.
  • These jobs may require both short and long studies.
  • The probability of finding a job in a non-traditional field is greater.
  • Both men and women may be competent to do these jobs.

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