Do you think you’re underpaid?

A Payscale survey shows that a large proportion of workers believe they are underpaid, whether they are or not. Our advice to find out its true value.

Now, it is not just people who are underpaid who feel exploited. Among workers who are paid at market rates, 64 % also believe they are underpaid. And among the privileged group who are paid above market rates, 35 % complain about being poorly paid. Definitely…

Dawn Williams, president of the recruitment firm Sirius, is not surprised by these statistics. She works in the sales industry, where there’s a big ego. “I regularly see people asking for a salary above what the employer is offering. »

Caroline Haney, President of Haney Legal Recruitment, is also observing it. “People compare what works for them. If they’ve heard that one earns so much, without knowing the context, they conclude that they deserve the same salary. »

So how can we find out its true value salariale ? Dawn Williams points to the tools that exist on the web: “There are sites like Payscale, Glassdoor and, which give a good idea of the market. But there are also government publications that are very interesting, which allow you to compare the private and public sectors. »

However, Caroline Haney cautions against such compilations, which offer average values that are not always relevant in reality. “Imagine someone with their head in the fridge and their butt in the oven, just knowing the average temperature doesn’t help us understand situation ! »

Among other things, Mr. Haney suggests relying on the internal equity that exists within the company. “If the young newcomer who has just been hired earns more than he or she does, then yes, there is probably cause for concern. »

In search of an objective grid

Beyond the statistics, there are some objective benchmarks for determining its salary value. Dawn Williams sums up the three facets of a nomination: “There are years of experience, training, and there are accomplishments: has the nominee had any concrete accomplishments as an employee, or is he or she here to accumulate hours and get a cheque from paye …”.

Of course, it is not only the intrinsic quality of the candidate that comes into play. Supply and demand also: “In a shortage sector like software,” continues the recruiter, “salaries are higher because salespeople are scarce. »

Then, as Caroline Haney points out, the general employment context must be taken into account: “Is it in Trois-Rivières or at Montréal ? Does the employer allow telework, flextime, etc.? All of these elements count when determining a salary. »

The employers’ share

Of course, it is possible to find its salary value by oneself, or with the help of a recruiter. But to get out of the problem of perception of being underpaid, the employer also has a role to play.

Still according to the Payscale study, 82 % of employees say they are satisfied with their salary as long as the employer takes the time to explain the gap with market rates. Transparency is a must, donc !

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