Quick Answer: Doctors’ salaries grew by 48%.

As the last round of negotiations between Quebec City and public sector physicians to stagger their planned wage increases begins, the latest data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information indicates that Quebec physicians have experienced the strongest growth in their incomes in Canada since 2006.

Between 2006 and 2013, the average salary of physicians in Quebec grew by 48%, compared to 34% for physicians in Ontario, 25% in Alberta and 9% in British Columbia.

In 2013, the average salary of a physician in Quebec was more than $279,000. Ontario is where doctors receive the best salaries, with an average of $371,000, down 1% from 2012. In Quebec, doctors have instead experienced a 4% growth for the same period, the best in all provinces.

In 2007 and 2006, medical specialists and general practitioners agreed with the Quebec government to allow doctors in the province to earn approximately the same salary as other Canadian doctors. And for good reason: in 2006, Quebec doctors were the lowest paid in the country. They earned 33% less than the average of their Canadian counterparts, despite the fact that Quebec has 4 university hospitals.

Seven years later, Quebec doctors’ pay is now the fifth best in Canada. It was still 17% lower than the Canadian average.

This is about the same gap observed for the population as a whole: the gap between the average income of Quebecers as a whole and the average for the country as a whole is 16%.

Can we say, in a way, that the salary catch-up process for Quebec doctors has now been completed? It’s up to you to judge, based on the data below.

Physician compensation growth from 2006 to 2013
Quebec: 48%
Newfoundland: 37%
Ontario : 34%
Saskatchewan : 28%
Manitoba : 26%
Alberta: 25%
New Brunswick : 22%
Nova Scotia : 17%
British Columbia : 9%
Prince Edward Island : No data

Wage growth between 2006 and 2013 in Quebec
All Quebecers: 19%
Doctors: 48%
  • In 2006, a doctor earned 4.8 times the salary of the average Quebecer. In 2013, it was 6.2 times.
  • In Ontario, a doctor earns 7.5 times the salary of the average worker in his or her province. In Alberta, it is 6 times, as in British Columbia.
  • 4 billion: total government payments to physicians in 2000
  • 8 billion: total government payments to physicians in 2013

Physician Compensation in Canada in 2013
Ontario : 370 731 $
Saskatchewan : 365 511 $
Alberta: 348 221 $
Manitoba : 318 256 $
Quebec: 279 206 $
Newfoundland: 276 508 $
New Brunswick : 275 931 $
British Columbia : 271 145 $
Nova Scotia : 261 422 $
Prince Edward Island : no data
CANADA: 328 067 $

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