You asked: Entrepreneurship in times of pandemic

We are currently experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. The “Coronacrise”, considered major and global, unfortunately makes us doubt and fear the people around us. In fact, whether we meet our neighbours, friends or strangers during our daily walk, or during our outings for our so-called essential shopping, we fear each person we meet like the plague. Are we so out of our depth in the face of this pandemic? In any case, we have to admit that the fight we are currently waging is causing us to lose our bearings. Nothing is worse when the demon appears before our eyes without warning!

As a program advisor Undertake of the Lise Watier FoundationI receive calls and emails from women who are new entrepreneurs or who have been active in the market for a few years. In this article, I will try to discuss what is important to know and how we can deal with it, as well as give you some advice on how to reorganize your work.

Relevant information

First of all, as an entrepreneur, I have a special thought for all those visionary women who have made several compromises and who find themselves in front of total nothingness… because of a virus!

At a time like this, it is essential to be informed, because every day we receive new information. Also, be on the lookout for measures and assistance offered by both levels of government. For example, I spoke with a contact who works for the Government of Quebec and she mentioned the site, which is updated periodically. It’s called “Coronavirus Information (COVID-19)” and “Government Assistance Programs”. If you are not currently eligible for a program, don’t be discouraged because every day a new assistance program is added to the existing list.

Then, you can go to and click on “Get the support you need” and “Business Support”. You will have access to the Self-Employment Support Program, including the Canadian Emergency Benefit (ECP).

For each proposed program, however, you will need to validate the eligibility criteria.

Ways of dealing with the crisis

It is imperative that you are well equipped to make the best decisions, without forgetting the main objective, which is your health.

Unsurprisingly, the containment order decreed by the Legault government to limit the spread of the coronavirus is prompting us to review our living and working habits. It is becoming important to rethink our business model and find new strategies for development, sales, customer service, and even to analyze our processes and practice methods. R&D (Research and Development) and innovation become imponderables for managers, employers, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.

Reorganization of work

This essential pause invites us to transform the way we work. Indeed, this pandemic opens the door to telework and, by the same token, accelerates the digital transformation, the imposed adjustments and the emergence of new technologies. Telework is now indispensable. Let us take the time to appropriate digital technology, whatever it may be.

There will inevitably be a before and after, with a very different vision from the one we had just a few weeks before.

In this time of pandemic, resilience and patience, even in difficult times, is paramount.

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