Examples of professional wishes for the new year 2022

Remembering in good memory of someone… This is the whole point of professional greetings, including in 2022. You worked together on a project, you sent an application that did not succeed or you were colleague in a previous company, take the opportunity of this beginning of the year to send your professional wishes. And if you are seized with an acute laziness to get down to business on January 1, do not panic! You have until January 31 to send them.

Why send professional greetings?

Has been sending wishes? Think again, on the contrary! They are a pretext to reconnect with your professional network. You worked together at some point in the year, you communicated on a file, you want to find a job quickly or you answered a job offer, passed the interviews but your application was not accepted. .. Sending your professional greetings allows you to avoid being forgotten. And this is very useful if you want the professional relationship to continue afterwards.

Our advice : consider writing your CV or redoing it. Then, attach it to your Happy New Year email.

Who should I send professional greetings to?

Sending wishes to everyone for nothing is of little interest, because your recipients will receive a ton of them, from their clients, candidates, aspiring candidates… Think upstream about your targets. To do this, identify your needs. For example :

  • Find a job : send your professional wishes to your professional network, to recruiters with whom you have already spoken, to your former managers or colleagues in a company … Some may have leads for you.
  • Land a new market : the coming year, you know, will be filled with new challenges. You are going to need your network to achieve the goals set. Send your professional greeting cards to your contacts who can help or support you throughout the year.
  • To thank : you have worked together during the past year and the results have been very positive. You can take advantage of sending your greetings to thank the person for a good job.

Good to know : in addition to respecting the basic rules – send them before January 31 and to the right person, avoid spelling mistakes and respect the professional framework (do not wish anything about love, for example).

Greeting texts for the new professional year

Running out of inspiration? Those examples of professional wishes will inspire you.

Examples of professional wishes in a Covid-19 situation

Example 1: On course for 2022! On behalf of the whole company, we wish you a Happy New Year 2022 full of energy and great projects. I take these good wishes to sincerely thank you for your loyalty throughout this complicated year due to the Covid-19 health context. We did not give up and together we overcame this crisis. A huge thank you.

Example 2: The past two years will undoubtedly have been among the most difficult in history for the company. The Covid-19 epidemic first caused some of our activities to stop abruptly. Then some of us were placed on short-time work. The confinement has also turned our personal lives upside down. 2022 will be an essential step in the recovery of our activities. I thank you again warmly for all the work accomplished during this exceptional year. I send you all my best wishes for happiness, health and success in 2022, for you and your loved ones.

Professional greeting templates by email or sms

Are you looking for a text to send your professional wishes for 2022? Here are some examples of short and direct messages, which you can easily send by email or sms:

Example 1: Happy New Year 2022! I offer you my best wishes for happiness, health and success. I wish you a year rich in professional and family projects.

Example 2: May this year 2022 be better than the one we experienced in 2021. Health, work and happiness for you and your loved ones.

Example 3: All my best wishes for health and happiness for the new year 2022. I wish you the best, as well as to your loved ones and full professional success. May all your projects come true.

Example 4: Mr. X. I offer you all my best wishes for the New Year. We met last September for an interview for a sales manager position to be filled in Lille. I take this end of the year 2021 to inform you that I am still looking for a sales position in the health sector. However, the advice you gave me during our meeting allowed me to clarify my professional project.

Examples of wishes for work by mail

Here are four examples of written greetings that you can send by mail to your recipient.

Example 1

Mrs X, Mr Y,

2021 is drawing to a close. On behalf of the company, I would like to thank you for your trust and offer you my best wishes for the year 2022.

We wish you a New Year filled with joy, happiness and success. With excellent health.

We have some great surprises in store for you for 2022 and look forward to sharing them with you.

Good year.


Firstname name.

Example 2

Mrs X, Mr Y,

This holiday season is an opportunity for me to warmly thank you for your unwavering collaboration with our company. Thanks to you and your trust, we are growing a little more every day.

In this new year 2022, I send you all my best wishes for happiness, success and health.

Happy New Year,


Firstname name.

Example 3

Mrs X, Mr Y,

On course for 2022!

On behalf of the whole company, we wish you a Happy New Year 2022 full of energy and great projects.

I take these good wishes to sincerely thank you for your loyalty throughout this complicated year due to the Covid-19 health context. We did not give up and together we overcame this crisis.

A huge thank you.


Firstname name.

Example 4 (professional wishes for a recruiter)

Mrs C,

You had me in for a recruitment interview last September for a content manager position which was to be filled within company X. You had given me several wise tips on my application. I wanted to thank you because I have since changed my CV and my cover letter in this direction. I am still looking for a job, and I have no doubts that 2022 will be the year of employment for me.

We realized, on this occasion, that we shared the same passion for hiking in high mountains. This greeting card is a nod to it. I send you my best wishes for 2022, which I hope will be punctuated by excursions to the most beautiful massifs.


Firstname name

Professional greeting texts in English

England remains very attached to traditions, sending a greeting card is still very common in 2022. If you have clients or professional relations across the Channel, here are examples of texts to wish a Happy New Year in English :

Example 1: I wish you health, happiness and prosperity for this new year 2022. I hope 2022 will bring you even more happiness.

Example 2: Wishing you a happy new year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

How to personalize your professional wishes?

The secret is personalizing your professional wishes. By adapting them to the person, writing their name well and sending greetings in English, for example, if your interlocutor is English-speaking (speaking several languages ​​can be a professional asset). You also have to adapt your wishes to the context.

If it’s a recruiter you expect a response from after sending your CV, for example, you can write:

“Madame (or Monsieur) X, I would like to send you my best wishes for 2022. I reiterate my motivation for the position of X. I hope to receive an answer from you to have the chance to be part of your team soon ”.

Be careful not to harass the person, however, find out all our tips for relaunching a recruiter without harassing him.

Our advice: what is the mistake not to make? Write a “typical” greeting card, with a ship message “I wish you the best for this New Year” and send it to your entire directory.

Mail, postal greeting card or telephone for your professional greetings?

Your best bet, if you have the opportunity and the time, is to send a real paper greeting card. A postal mail, it is guarded, it marks the spirits and it shows that you have made an extra effort.

You can also send a professional email to wish your wishes for 2022. And why not an SMS according to the degree of proximity with your interlocutor.

If you opt for the electronic greeting card, however, be sure to make it original: choose a beautiful image, take care of the text by personalizing it and polish the object. Even a simple “Wishes for 2022” will change the endless “Happy New Year” and “Best Wishes” a bit. But, since everyone sends their greetings by email, why not opt ​​for a phone call to stand out? Quickly forget this idea. Back to school is synonymous with rush for everyone. You might disturb more than anything else.

Our advice : Sending animated video greeting cards has become common in the professional world, for both economic and ecological reasons. Indulge.

Professional wishes: the most common mistakes

  • Send her family photo in greeting cards.
  • Use a boat phrase like “Happy New Year” or “I wish you the best” or “love, happiness and work”.
  • Formulate wishes by telephone.
  • Use humorous images in the body of the professional greeting email.
  • Use questionable puns such as “banana and fried apples”.
  • Make wishes that are too personal (we don’t talk about love, or things that are intimate, unless you are close with the person).
  • Make spelling mistakes in his email or in his greeting card.
  • Forget to write the person’s name.
  • Make an identical mailing to all its database.

Are you a manager and you don’t know how to present your wishes to your team? Our dedicated board will inform you and give you all the keys to successfully completing this exercise.

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