Here are some good reasons to work in Toronto:

The city of Toronto is known worldwide for its attractiveness. Whether it is to live, work or study there.

If you like big cities with tall buildings that are just as tall as each other, shopping malls and the urban vibe, you’ve come to the right place.

Toronto is also great green spaces despite its large number of inhabitants and its urban sprawl.

The most populous city in Canada is also known for the large businesses of all sizes it hosts. For this reason, it is one of the most attractive in the world.

Here are some good reasons to work in Toronto and consider a career there, even if you are not perfectly bilingual.

An efficient transport network Unequaled multiculturalism Real career possibilities A balance between professional and personal life Guaranteed security An exciting cultural life

An efficient transport network

Bus, tram, metro, etc. Everything is done to make your trips easy in the metropolis. So yes, you have to make arrangements during peak hours, as in all large cities. That said, the availability and frequency of different public transport makes travel affordable and fast.

In fact, in 2017, the American Public Transit Association recognized the Toronto Transit Commission network as the best public transit system in North America.

If you decide to live in nearby cities like Hamilton or London, know that a transportation network made up of buses and commuter trains will take you to Toronto. A good option if you prefer to live in quieter places.

Unparalleled multiculturalism

What is certain is that no matter where you are from, you won’t feel like a stranger to Toronto. Almost half of the people of Toronto are from a country other than Canada. This is irrefutable proof of the city’s cultural diversity!

Thus, you will have the ability to make friends and acquaintances from all over the world and focus on what brings you together, instead of what looks like you.

Also, a third of the inhabitants of Toronto have neither French nor English as a mother tongue. So if your English isn’t perfect or you speak it with an accent, don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

So at the same time as developing your career you will have a unique opportunity to develop knowledge and share your culture with people from 200 different ethnicities. All these people come together in perfect harmony.

Real career opportunities

All industries are represented in Toronto, especially start-ups and SMEs. It ranks among the top 20 tech cities in the world.

Even though the Greater Toronto Area has more than six million inhabitants, the opportunities remain plentiful and it is the fastest growing city according to the Center for Urban Research and Land Development at Ryerson University. Talents from all over the world come to work there every year.

Like Silicon Valley, New York, London or Paris, Toronto is “The place to be” if you have an innovative project. Sales, consulting, engineering, tourism or health, all sectors are hiring.

Whether for a career change or to give another dimension to your professional career, Toronto will charm you with its many possibilities.

A balance between professional and personal life

Despite its frenetic pace and number of inhabitants, Toronto is a city in which it is quite possible to find a good balance between your personal and professional life.

First of all, because it’s part of the Canadian culture to give time for yourself, but also because it guarantees the corporate culture of Toronto employers.

As a result, many inexpensive activities not far from the city are within reach. Bike paths, parks, the shores of Lake Ontario, lush nature are accessible to everyone. All this in a climate of benevolence and tranquility.

Guaranteed security

Toronto is a very safe city for a metropolis of four million people. It is even the safest city in North America for its size. Of course, a few incidents are noted here and there, but nothing worrying or worrying.

So whether you are a homebody or someone who likes to go out at night, you will find what you are looking for in Toronto and things to do all the time.

An exciting cultural life

Given the diversity of people and cultures in the city, it is clear that Toronto’s cultural life is thrilling. Many festivals, concerts, exhibitions, cultural gatherings and other events take place year round.

So if you like to enjoy these kinds of events, you will be in the right place. The world is in Toronto and Toronto is often the center of the artistic world.

To finish…

Obviously, reasons are missing that we have not cited. In summary, if you’re not afraid of the great outdoors, meeting new people, living the big city life and trying new things, Toronto is a city that could be your next career destination. Why not?

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