here is the puzzle that awaits employers:

Do you still remember that blow we received on the head in March 2020? A virus about which we knew nothing was disrupting our daily lives and our jobs at the same time. This invisible thing coming from everywhere or from nowhere continues to wander around our doors even if today we are better equipped to face it.

Mass vaccination campaigns, response from different segments of the population to the call and respect for health measures mean that today, in Quebec as elsewhere, governments are able to reopen almost all sectors. The hope is in the economic recovery and the attraction of talent.

However, there are a few issues that employers will face: labor shortage, face-to-face return to work of teleworkers, and increased competitiveness to attract employees.

The lack of arms, again and again

A report from the Institut du Québec published in May 2021 reveals that in February 2021, there were 85,300 unemployed and 101,900 more inactive than at the same date last year. Despite these figures, some sectors are still experiencing a labor shortage.

In another article, we told you about 40,000 positions to be filled in Quebec in the tourism sector alone. Or the job market in the Quebec City region. Region in which there are currently more than 20,000 positions to be filled in sectors such as sales and services, health, machinery and transport trades.

In information technology, it lacks so much brainpower that Quebec has thought of a new program that aims to integrate the pandemic unemployed into the job market.

The Information and Communications Technology Requalification and Support Program (PRATIC) is a three-year program designed to support the training of 2,500 people in the ICT sector. If you are eligible, you will receive financial assistance of $ 650 per week for the duration of the training. This program aims to limit the number of jobs to be filled: 10,000 before the pandemic.

While waiting for these programs to emerge, employers face the headache of job vacancies and talent attraction. It will take creativity to attract employees.

Return to the teleworker office

Here is another challenge facing employers. After having implemented telework for over a year, now we have to rethink a return to the office that is safe and reassuring for employees.

Many companies have thought of returning to the office part-time, others are still waiting to see the measures put in place by the government to make a decision. Whatever the choice of employers, it will be necessary to rethink workspaces, rearrange them if necessary to ensure the safety of all.

For reasons of team cohesion, efficiency and worker commitment, a return to the office would do the majority of people currently teleworking good. This is why the hybrid way of working is one of the challenges of the moment.

Moreover, this flexibility will be a major asset in attracting talent. Many workers want to benefit from this flexibility. Having the choice of when and how to go to the office. Another reason is that telecommuting does not always mean happiness for Canadians.

Jobs in quantity and quality

What is expected with the deconfinement and the revival of several sectors affected by the pandemic is a multitude of career opportunities. With all of the programs discussed in this article, as well as each employer’s recruiting initiatives, the job market will become fierce. All employers will have this puzzle of innovating in order to attract the best talent.

A games room, a coffee machine and other devices may no longer be sufficient for candidates seeking a career. Employers will have to go further and offer a real candidate experience with all that this may imply: the establishment of an employee reception program, career monitoring and the proposal of in-service training programs. work and any initiative that will allow the professional accomplishment of employees. If all of this is crowned with a superb working atmosphere and a healthy company culture, you will be sure to shine in talent acquisition. Get Ahead!

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