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One of the reasons that make us happy in professional life is the recognition of our work. Kind words, attentions or any other marks of sympathy are welcome to cheer us up.

The forms of this recognition can be multiple: thank you emails, mention of the excellence of your work during a team meeting, a salary increase, a performance bonus, etc.

To go further, we will start with a definition of recognition at work.

What is Workplace Recognition?

It’s about acknowledging employees for what they’re worth and showing it to them. This recognition depends on the skills, achievements and efforts made in the professional context.

Employers who don’t hesitate to recognize the work of their employees are more likely to retain them and help them in their personal and professional development. Conversely, a lack of recognition leads to burnout and other mental health problems. On top of that, it precipitates the departure of workers to other companies that are likely to show more recognition.

There are different forms of recognition of the work of your employees, as we said above. Let’s find out!

What are the forms of recognition at work?

Human resource specialists have different ways of categorizing forms of recognition at work.

This can be done on the basis of the relation to money by classifying them by monetary recognition and non-monetary recognition. It is also possible to classify the forms of recognition into other categories: recognition of person, recognition of practice at work, recognition of investment in work and recognition of results and achievements.

Here are the different forms of recognition at work.

Monetary recognition

You don’t have to go broke to show appreciation to your employees. This can be team dinners, employee assistance programs, an increase in your group insurance, gift certificates, an allowance for sports activities and other activities promoting mental health and well-being…

Don’t forget to celebrate the successes and the end of the year. Offering an office party or a Christmas party is often an opportunity to recognize the efforts made by your teams throughout the year.

Non-monetary recognition

Money doesn’t buy happiness, we all know that. Recognition also involves daily gestures and attentions.

As a result, we can consider that personal leave, the possibility of teleworking, the offer of flexible working hours are forms of recognition. Other actions to promote team harmony and synergy must be implemented, such as on-the-job training and employee participation in the company’s various challenges.

Not to mention the everyday attentions, those of thanks in person after a job well done, or during meetings and testimonials.

You have surely noticed that some companies publish texts and other content on their social media to highlight the work of their employees. Sometimes they mention their names, publish their photo and take the time to thank them for the work they have done and for their contribution to the growth of the company. Why not take inspiration from these practices to adapt them to your business?

If you lack ideas and time to install this work recognition dynamic, we have some tips for you.

Ideas to boost your employee recognition

Above all, this recognition must be spontaneous and rooted in your corporate culture. Otherwise, no one is fooled enough not to notice. You must therefore put in place daily practices to recognize the work of your colleagues.

Celebrate birthdays

You don’t have to give gifts, but just remembering it and pointing it out to the rest of the team will mark the person’s mind. We’re not just talking about a birthday party. You can also celebrate the hiring anniversary of your colleagues to highlight the number of years of service within the company of your employees.

If your budget allows it, you can mark the occasion with corporate gifts or share them with the whole team. Paid meal, day off, all means are good to make your colleagues happy.

Create the surprise

When you’re out of ideas, the simple act of bringing coffee for everyone, cupcakes or hot chocolate on a stormy day warms hearts and lifts spirits for longer workdays. pleasant.

Good weather in perspective? Why not free everyone up for an hour to go to the local park? Often, recharging our batteries allows us to go back to work better and to feel valued. In short, any surprising idea likely to do good is welcome.

Celebrate everyone’s successes

A goal exceeded? A project that worked well? Now is the time to celebrate these successes. These are the successes of all the people who have worked to achieve the objectives. Taking the time and finding the words to thank and congratulate the teams is a real marker of your recognition of the work accomplished. In the medium and long term, it allows your employees to remain loyal and to feel respected and essential to the smooth running of operations.

To finish…

You will have understood that the recognition of the work of your employees is necessary to retain the most competent. It also allows you to keep your teams in shape and ready to give the best to achieve your objectives.

Do not forget also that employees recognized for their work, it is the guarantee of the reduction of sick leave and absenteeism at work. A good understanding and a culture of reward also allow your employees to avoid burnout and boredom at work.

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