Question: How art can help your career

Art and culture are an inexhaustible source of personal enrichment and satisfaction. In addition to making you a more cultured person, it can also help your career in many ways. Here’s how.


Several groups aim to bring the business world and the arts world closer together, such as the Montreal Business Arts Brigade, the Young Philanthropists’ Circle of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Young Associates of the Opéra de Montréal or the OSM Young Ambassadors Club. These organizations provide excellent opportunities to broaden one’s network of contacts and meet other professionals while participating in cultural activities, cocktails, conferences and exclusive events, such as backstage tours of a show.

The experience

To move up the ladder, young professionals and graduates in administration, finance, law and other related disciplines benefit from serving on boards of directors. Small cultural organizations, such as young theatre groups, are regularly looking for volunteer directors and do not always require a great deal of experience. Any form of volunteer work with prestigious organizations such as large orchestras and museums will also look good on your CV.


Creativity is a quality sought after by employers. In a rapidly changing work world, organizations need employees who can innovate and bring ideas to the table. One of the best ways to develop one’s creativity is by frequent exposure to different art forms, either as a spectator or as an amateur artist. Numerous scientific researches show that art has positive effects on the brain. It encourages creative thinking and problem solving. According to a study published in 2014 by the journal of neuroscience Brain and CognitionWhen asked about their experiences with paintings in a museum, individuals who had looked at paintings in a museum were more creative and more open to learning.

Self-confidence and leadership

Several studies also show that participating in the creation and representation of works of art increases confidence and self-esteem. In a highly competitive work world that requires leadership and the ability to sell ideas or speak in public, self-confidence is a major asset. Being part of a musical group, choir or amateur theatre troupe helps to overcome shyness and allows you to learn to present yourself in front of others and to go out and show what you are capable of.

Concentration and performance

We live in a world of constant distractions and interruptions that delay the completion of our tasks and impair our work performance. Some scientists are convinced that the daily use of the Internet reduces our attention and concentration. This is even the thesis of the bookstore’s success. Does the Internet make you stupid? of Nicholas Carr. Art is an antidote to this phenomenon. Drawing, singing or playing an instrument develops attention and concentration, while reducing stress…

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