How can we measure happiness at work? :

At a time when we are obsessed with measuring everything, we come to ask ourselves questions that help us in a quest for meaning. This quest for well-being often affects the world of work.

Which brings us to know if we can measure happiness at work. How do we know that our job is fulfilling? If this is not the case, how can we achieve this feeling of fullness that will allow us to move forward?

Someone will tell you: it’s simple! If your job makes sense, you’ll be happy! It is not so simple. All work has meaning, our lives have meaning, what about the ingredients to be able to enjoy it?

Here are some indicators to know if you are happy at work:

Have you found meaning in your work? Do you work in a good environment? Do you have flexibility at work? Is your employer listening to your ideas? And physical activity in all of this? Why not the 4-day week?

Have you found meaning in your work?

Feeling useful is what helps us move forward. Whether in our personal lives or in our professional lives.

What is your share of participation in the success of a task, an advance or a service rendered to someone? If the answer is: an important part, then yes, you are in your place. Otherwise, it must be remedied.

In real life, you have to be a member of a common project within the company to feel useful and happy at work.

Do you work in a good environment?

We are not talking about beautiful modern offices with playrooms. A good work environment is a healthy environment made up of caring people and managers who listen to your needs and your workload.

This principle also applies to teleworking. Consider setting up an ergonomic workspace to increase your productivity. Make a place for yourself no matter where you work.

Feel free to redecorate your workspace and add vegetation to it. Its impact on your well-being is undeniable.

Do you have flexibility at work?

We cannot repeat it enough: flexibility at work is the beginning of happiness. Being able to schedule our tasks and be masters of our time should no longer be a luxury. Many studies say it: flexible working hours allow employees to be more productive and in better shape.

For many reasons, some prefer to start work at 7 a.m., others at 10 a.m. If your employer offers you this possibility, it contributes to your well-being.

So, an employer who helps you balance your work and personal life is an employer who wants you well. This flexibility offered becomes an important unit of measure of happiness at work.

Is your employer listening to your ideas?

Working as a team is very stimulating. There is a spirit of collaboration and healthy competition. By being well received and well integrated into a work team, one can learn and evolve while enjoying a spirit of camaraderie and a good mood at work.

That said, if you don’t feel heard on this team and your ideas are always left out, there is a problem. If many of you on the team experience this situation, it can say a lot about the managerial culture within the company.

In the long run, this will lower your performance and your motivation too. Thus, we can no longer speak of happiness at work, but of performing repetitive tasks without great fulfillment.

And physical activity in all of this?

Many employers have taken to offering gym memberships when they do not have a gym on their premises. This trend aims to promote physical and sports activities synonymous with well-being.

If your employer takes this part of your personal life into account, chances are they care about your happiness.

You must have noticed that many employers take advantage of this to make it a dual mission: to promote sports activities and to contribute to a good cause. All this through marathons and other philanthropic activities.

Why not the 4-day week?

The 4-day week is an experience of optimizing human resources and reorganizing the work week to gain one day off per week. This working method seems to prove its worth in the Scandinavian countries.

A few local businesses have experimented with this new form of work. Who knows? Perhaps one day, Canadian businesses will be more open to considering this option with a view to strengthening work-family balance.

To finish…

As you will have understood, happiness at work is an intangible notion. It is impossible to measure it with numbers. That said, there are indicators that do not deceive our degree of self-fulfillment and job satisfaction.

In all trades, there is a way to be happy and to feel useful for others. If the right working conditions are met, we have little reason not to aspire to this satisfaction.

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