How can you wish 2022 to your boss or supervisor?

Should you personalize or stay formal when greeting your boss?

Essential at the start of the year, you will hardly be able to miss out on good professional resolutions and annual wishes to your employer. For the latter, they are the opportunity to offer a more human moment and to keep the link with the one who employs you.

If you are wondering about the form that the presentation of your Happy New Year message should take, and the style to adopt, we advise you to make a quick inventory of the proximity level of your exchanges. It all depends on your interlocutor, his age, his sector. Do you use the familiar or the formal instead? Do you talk about your personal lives together? Do you generally feel comfortable with your boss? Is your line manager fairly standard in his approach to work and agreements?

Depending on the answers you provide, your choice will be either towards wishes written on a card (your boss is rather classic and you want it), or towards wishes written by email or text (your boss is comfortable with distance communication tools and is not too traditional), or finally to verbalized wishes (if you are comfortable with it).

In any case, the personalization of the message is a golden rule! Presenting your wishes allows you to inject a dose of benevolence at work and humanity in your relations with your hierarchical superior. You show him that you took the time to write or say a few sincere words that correspond to him. The message is therefore distorted if your Happy New Year wishes are identical and sent to several people in copy of an email.

Examples to wish the boss bright wishes

If you are one of the employees who are more comfortable orally, do not hesitate to present your wishes to your supervisor during a telephone conversation, by videoconference or even if you meet him in a hallway.

For example, you can tell him:

  1. Happy New Year boss! I wish you a very happy new year 2022. And above all good health far from Covid-19.
  2. I take advantage of these first exchanges of the year 2022 to offer you my best wishes for happiness, success and health. 2021 has been a successful year professionally and I wish us to continue in the same vein and with the same understanding.
  3. I wish you a very happy new year 2022 Mr X, and I would like to take this opportunity to offer you my best wishes for happiness, health and success. It gives me great satisfaction to work alongside you in the interests of the company. Thank you for your trust throughout 2021.
  4. Happy New Year 2022. You have been a great boss this year, both to guide me in my professional daily life but also during the confinements linked to the Coronavirus where your regular support allowed me to overcome this ordeal. You are an inspiring manager for me, thank you!

Examples to wish the best wishes to your boss by email

If you’d rather pick up a pen to wish your manager New Year’s greetings, it’s perfectly possible to do so in an email these days.

You can simply put the subject line of the email: Happy New Year 2022.

Here are some sample wishes sent by email to your supervisor:

Dear Christine,

At the start of the year, I wish to offer you my best wishes for happiness, success and health. May 2022 allow you to fulfill your dearest wishes.

Before finally closing the year 2021, I want to thank you for being such an inspiring patron. Always present to support and encourage me in the various professional projects that you have proposed to me. You also impressed me with your ability to be resilient in a year turned upside down by the arrival of the Coronavirus.

I wish you a year 2022 as rich in professional success, with all the same less epidemic rebounds.



Mr. T,

All my best wishes for the new year 2022.

May it bring you success and serenity in all your projects for the company.


Navy V

Examples of how to wish your boss by text message

Depending on the degree of closeness between you and your boss, it is possible to send a Happy New Year SMS. If you are used to communicating by SMS, the latter will not be offended to receive some good wishes written on his cell phone.

We offer you some nice text templates to send on the occasion of the year 2022:

  1. Best wishes for a Happy New Year. May it be full of promise and success.
  2. Claire, I wish you a very happy new year 2022. May it lead you towards exciting professional projects. See you soon, I hope around a coffee, which will not be virtual!
  3. Best wishes, dear Thomas. You were a great boss this year, a source of motivation. I wish you a New Year 2022 as successful professionally.

Examples to wish the wishes to his boss on a happy new year card

Are you or / and your supervisor more of the conventional type? You will hit the mark by sending a pretty greeting card placed on a desk, sent by mail or by email.

A maximum of four lines is sufficient to convey the correct message.

In order to avoid making any mistakes in the text and correctly wish your wishes for a Happy New Year 2022, we offer you examples that you can copy with your eyes closed:

Mrs P,

I wish you a very beautiful and happy new year 2022.

May it bring you success and serenity in all your projects. And in particular, in the development of the company internationally.

For my part, I still take the same pleasure to work with you for 4 years and I thank you for the trust granted.


Pierre T.


All the best for the New Year.

May 2022 be as professionally exciting as the past year.

Beautiful projects, success and good humor, this is what I wish you.


Valérie R.

Can you wish your future employer your best wishes?

Yes, the New Year’s greetings are the perfect time to thank someone. And why not your future employer who has just hired you! Take advantage of the year 2022 which is beginning to renew your strong motivation to join the company.

Also find out how to wish a happy new year to your coworkers. Or how to express Christmas and end-of-year wishes to employees.

* You can adapt the different examples of 2022 vows to your boss by using the address / address, if you are used to conversing in this way.

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