How do I answer interview questions for a sales job? :

The sales and retail industry often offers several advantages over other industries. You can claim good wages, have flexibility in schedules and even expect corporate discounts.

What is certain is that you have to enjoy contact with several types of customers, know how to stay calm in the face of stress and be able to manage several tasks at the same time.

To find out if you are a good fit for the positions they are looking to fill, recruiters often have specific questions for you. In this article, we offer a few of them and give you sample answers.

Here are the most frequently asked interview questions for a sales or retail job:

Tell us about your experience Are you comfortable working evenings and weekends? Why did you choose our company? Are you able to work full time? Why should we hire you?

Tell us about your experience

Rather classic question, this one is inevitable, no matter the employer, you will be asked this question. So there are two possible scenarios: the first is that you have no experience. The second: you have an experience to talk about.

If you have no experience in this case, focus on the qualities required for the job and put them forward. If you are comfortable speaking in public, this is already a great asset to make. Imagine that it is for a large supermarket chain and that the position is related to the automobile. You can answer that way.

“I don’t have any experience in the field yet, but I have been passionate about cars from a young age. I am very familiar with the world of the automotive industry and the latest technologies. I am able to advise clients on choosing a good product for car cleaning or on seasonal vehicle maintenance. Moreover, those around me often ask me my opinion on this kind of question, because I have a reputation that precedes me ”.

If you have experience, of course, it will be a question of summarizing them in a few minutes and making a summary of the tasks carried out within the framework of your former functions.

Are you comfortable working evenings and weekends?

As you know, stores in Canada often open in the evenings, usually until 9 p.m. in large malls. As for other businesses, it varies. The same goes for weekends, Saturdays and Sundays are very busy days in retail businesses.

Therefore, be prepared to make that “sacrifice” to work during these times. The employer will therefore ask you if you are comfortable with the idea of ​​working evenings and weekends. Think carefully about this possibility before committing, because it is your reputation that is at stake.

Here is an example of a response: “I am an early riser and have no problem working weekends occasionally. I have two buses to catch, so I would rather start my shift at 8 am, rather than end at 9:30 pm. ”

Why did you choose our company?

This is a recurring question, it comes up in all the interviews. If this is truly a company you want to work for, just say why. If you are aligned with the values ​​and identity of your prospective employer, now is the time to tell them. So here is an example of an answer:

“Since I can remember I have loved the brand (brand name), I myself am very concerned about environmental issues and responsible and ethical manufacturing. I know your business cares about it too and it’s coming for me. For me, it’s important to believe in values ​​and to convey them in our work, that’s why I chose to apply. I would be delighted to showcase your brand as an ambassador ”.

Are you able to work full time?

This question obviously depends on your situation. Whether you are a student, an employee looking for a career in the field, or a young retiree, you will not answer this question the same way.

Student: you can say that you work full time during your vacation, but prefer part time during the duration of your sessions. Please feel free to say how important your education is to you. No self-respecting employer wants to see you fail or be overwhelmed by the job.

If you are recently retired: it is your right to ask for flexibility in your working hours. You can start working part time to see how it goes for you. Thus, you will save time for your passions and your hobbies. In times when you may need more labor, try to offer your availability.

Why should we hire you?

Again, it is a classic. This question comes up almost at the end of each interview. Although you have already touched on some of your personal and professional experiences, it is often a good time to sum it all up and keep a good impression at the end of the exercise.

In case you are inexperienced, you can impress the recruiter with your personality traits and personal qualities.

Here is a sample response:

“I am a detail-oriented person and therefore a job well done. I work well in a team, because I am very sociable. I also have a sense of listening which allows me to learn quickly. The love I have for your brand should also encourage you to hire me. I can’t wait to learn more about sales and customer service ”.

To finish…

Thus, you have some leads for answers during your interview for a job in sales and retail. You can find other more general interview questions and tips for managing your career. Good luck!

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