How to have the right words to recruit? :

Each recruiter has their own method of writing and posting job postings. Ready-made sentences or personalized formulations, everyone has their own inspiration. Is it still effective?

Surely you should know this: more and more candidates are looking for their jobs through search engines.

So, in order to reach this growing audience, you need to know how to approach them, how to attract them, and how to rank high in search results. This is what we will try to teach you in this article. Let’s go! One keyword at a time.

Make your content visible on the internet

How to succeed in making your job offers more visible on the Internet? For this, it is necessary to rely on web referencing techniques.

Referencing on search engines is making content visible on the Internet, and therefore largely on a search engine. There are two forms of SEO: organic or natural called SEO and SEM for paid.

1- At the top of the web page, you will find what is called sponsored content, which can be recognized by the mention “Announcement”. These links correspond to paid referencing. This means that companies have paid to have this place in the search results. This is called SEM or paid referencing.

2- The results that come after everything that is under the mention “Announcement” are contents referenced in a natural way by Google. The people who created these links did not pay to appear in these search results. This is called SEO or natural referencing.

The ranking in which the results displayed by Google appear is not trivial. There are many SEO techniques to get your content displayed among the first on Google. If these links are not paid, you still have to make efforts and master certain SEO techniques to succeed in ranking your content. Here we will look at the keywords that can help you.

To master SEO techniques is to master the keywords related to your business. How to choose them and use them in the best way?

The rule of thumb is to use high search volume keywords. Google wants you to focus on the needs of your users and therefore on meeting their search intentions.

To find these keywords, there are specific tools. Many of them are completely free or partly free. We can cite Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest among others.

Take the example of an IT recruiter. Go to one of the tools mentioned and put for example: “job offers in IT” and look at the number of monthly requests. The tools will provide you with related searches that will help you vary.

In this case, you may be offered to add the name of a city to attract more candidates or to add a benefit related to the position, for example: “IT job teleworking”. Therefore, remember to associate these search terms with your job postings on your career site or when you write your postings for publication with Jobillico.

Jobillico’s expertise in the referencing of your job offers

At Jobillico, we have a whole team dedicated to referencing job offers and promoting them on the web.

Thus, we are working to install an SEO strategy that is already bearing fruit. We manage to position ourselves on the main keywords of the recruitment industry in Canada. As a result, posting a job offer with Jobillico allows your job offers to be viewed more and your company to be even more visible on the web.

These operations often cost a lot of time and money. We can take care of it for you!

To finish…

Finding the right words to recruit is becoming an increasingly difficult task given SEO strategies on the web. Gone are the days of recruiting customer service ninjas, programming Swiss Army knives and other wacky job titles. Search engines focus on concrete words that capture the attention of readers and meet specific needs. Hence the importance of being up to date in your keyword research strategy.

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