How to prepare for a pre-recorded interview

Job interviews via Skype have become commonplace, but some recruiters now use pre-recorded interviews. Here are a few tips on how to shine in this type of interview where the interviewer is absent.

Pre-recorded interviews are short video clips that job applicants record at home and submit with their CV or as a pre-interview. Most platforms, such as HireVue and Viasto, impose a time limit for answering questions, which are usually the same for all candidates, as a matter of fairness.

To get ready

“The biggest challenge is time. You have to practice, because you’re not used to talking and being timed. You can see the clock ticking on the screen and it creates anxiety,” explains Michel Rouleau, practice leader for Career Partners International Quebec, which provides career transition coaching. The challenge is all the greater because you have to capture the attention of the recruiter who will be watching the videos, since there is no guarantee that he will listen to them all, right to the end.

“The best way to prepare is to take the first task in the job description and look at your experience, did I do that? If so, in what situation? If you ask for the ability to organize events, you explain that in your previous job, you organized five trade shows a year,” explains Michel Rouleau. It’s the “problem, reaction, result” technique: it allows you to bring out concrete experiences. »

Many banks of interview questions exist on the Web, which candidates can use to practice. They can imagine the questions the recruiter might ask them in relation to their field or past experiences.

Michel Rouleau advises to practice timing, but it doesn’t have to be in front of the camera. However, make sure you look at the eye of the camera rather than looking at your face on the screen, so that you give the impression you are looking the recruiter in the eye.

Technical test

To avoid glitches, it is best to do a technical test for sound and image beforehand. “And please be sure to be pressed down on a fixed point, even if you use your phone or tablet! “The specialist recalls a pre-recorded interview of a candidate holding his phone at arm’s length. “It made you dizzy. You don’t realize it, but even the smallest movements make the whole picture go upside down. »

Obviously, a clean and neutral environment is required, so the bedroom and kitchen should be avoided. Advising family or roommates of the need for quiet is also advisable, as is having your son take care of the dog during the interview.

Still marginal

However, Michel Rouleau is not convinced that pre-recorded interviews are a panacea, even if they allow for remote interviews. They also give the person with the somewhat atypical CV a chance, but we’re not going to hide the fact that recruitment is subjective,” he admits. I think that for the moment, it’s one more technology for recruiters, even if it’s still marginal. »

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