How to prepare for an interview for an IT job? :

It’s no longer a secret that the information and communication technology sector is experiencing a labor shortage across Canada. That’s not to say that if you’re in the business, you shouldn’t stand out in the hiring process. It is for this reason that we will teach you in this article how to answer interview questions if you are looking for IT jobs.

All IT workers know that regardless of their years of experience or their career path, they will have jobs for the next few years. However, this is no reason to take their career development lightly. This necessarily involves successful interviews and appreciated professional qualities.

Recruiters will certainly want to know what your professional skills are, what your academic background is and what your career plans are. We will therefore try to summarize the questions asked by recruiters during an interview for a job in information technology.

But first, let’s look at what to consider before you’re sure you’ll find the right job in your field.

How to find the right IT job?

Even if the number of job openings in your field exceeds your expectations, that’s no reason not to “shop around” for the right job for you. The fact that you are in a position of strength should not distract you from your professional goals and your values. To be sure to find the right offer for you, you must:

See beyond the technical aspects

During an interview, you will certainly talk about your technical qualities and your skills in code, programming, development and analysis. That said, don’t forget the human side of your job.

You will therefore have to talk about collaboration, team spirit, mutual aid and a sense of listening. Also, you will ask questions about the values ​​and the working atmosphere within the company. In short, also focus on everything called soft skills or interpersonal qualities.

To find out what is expected of you in this regard, read the job offer carefully and focus on the “qualities sought” section. You may also have to take a psychometric test and answer behavioral questions.

Study the description of the offer carefully

As you would for a computer code or a notice, you must read the job offers between the lines and carefully study the conditions, the social benefits and the field of practice of the employer. This way, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises and you will be ready to answer the question: “Do you know our company?”

It is possible that there are programming languages ​​that you do not master or tricks that you have never tried, be prepared for this eventuality so that you do not feel uncomfortable during the interview.

If this happens, do not hesitate to emphasize your strengths and show your desire and your ability to learn new things within the framework of your functions. Now let’s take a closer look at the process of an interview for a job in information technology.

Interview questions for an IT job

Now is the time to reveal some questions often asked during an IT interview. Of course, the general and usual questions are asked. To this we add a few specific questions:

Which tools do you prefer and which ones do you like the least?

This question aims to find out your level of proficiency in the IT tools used by the company. If these tools are what you like, let the recruiter know.

Tell me about a process that you improved in terms of quality and efficiency?

Here, the recruiter also wants to analyze your synthetic mind, in addition to the scope of your accomplishments. You must therefore be able to clearly explain the impact of your work on an IT project. How did it make a difference to users? Take advantage of this question, because your answers can be decisive for the rest of the hiring process.

Once again, you are given the opportunity to measure your ability to adapt and learn. Show your openness and your availability.

Take advantage of this question to address your interest in technologies that you do not master and that the position will allow you to evolve in your career.

Here, you are indirectly asked if you follow online training, or if you spend your free time in work-related tasks and activities. This would be a good opportunity to talk about your personal projects related to your job. For example: assistance, remote training or freelance projects if you have any.

What is your biggest professional failure?

This is by no means a trick question. The recruiter wants to know if you are able to withstand possible failures and better understand your personality. We all make mistakes. The goal is to know your ability to learn from your failures and bounce back better.

So play the card of transparency and show humility. Most often, this attitude will work in your favor and allow you to stand out for your resilience and courage.

What’s a good team for you?

Even if information technology jobs often require moments of extreme concentration, they are still jobs that often have to be carried out as a team. Therefore, being a team player is an important quality sought by all recruiters.

Show your interest in teamwork and tell professional success stories as a team. It’s also an opportunity for you to show how you can stand out within a team and emphasize your added value.

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