How to publish a job offer on the Emploi-Québec platform? :

Since last May, Emploi-Québec has changed its way of doing things. A new platform has been set up by the Government of Quebec. It allows better use of artificial intelligence through geolocation. This will make it easier for employers and job seekers to navigate.

Québec emploi, the name of the new platform, therefore replaces Placement en ligne, a well-known platform in the Quebec HR community.

In this article, we will explain what has changed and what are the alternatives if you want to show your job offers to the greatest number of candidates?

Create a clicSEQUR-Entreprises account

Make sure you have access to a clicSEQUR-Entreprises account. If not, registration is free. It is the responsible person or authorized representative of your company who must make the request.

Another alternative exists, ClicSÉQUR express, which does not require registration. How it works?

Your business is surely registered in the business register or in the Quebec sales tax, kept by Revenu Quebec. Once this registration is done, you will use an access code that you will receive by mail.

Create an employer profile

Fill out the registration form and enter the necessary information: address, email, phone number… Your access code will be required to complete your registration.

Add one or more resource persons who will be able to access your Québec Emploi account. Note that you can also add your branches if necessary in the “place of work” section.

Create job offers on Québec emploi

Now that you have access to the platform, you can now add job offers. Your profile looks a lot like an employer profile on Jobillico. Fill in the information for the position you are posting. Then write the text of your offer, as you usually do.

Subsequently, receive your applications for published offers. You have the possibility to classify them according to several criteria.

Matching candidates

The new platform offers you the possibility to match the profiles of the candidates who interest you with the offers you post. Pairing therefore allows you to do the following:

Consult a candidate’s profile Know the percentage of match between your candidate search criteria and your requirements for hiring Consult the candidate’s CV and cover letter Contact the candidates that interest you

Note that if you have offers being published, you can have access to the candidate search tool. Thus, you will switch to head hunting mode.

Jobillico: a major complement to Emploi-Québec

If you want to cast a wide net in your search for candidates, Jobillico can help you achieve your recruitment goals.

The platform offers a user-friendly employer space in which you can manage your recruitment operations in the blink of an eye. More than 10,000 companies in Canada do business with Jobillico for their recruitment. Large companies are part of it such as: Maxi, The Home Depot, Dollarama, Familiprix, etc.

Choosing Jobillico means being visible to more than 3 million users from here and elsewhere. Know that if you are interested in international recruitment, you can have access to a pool of international candidates on the platform.

To do this, all you need to do is register on the platform and present your recruitment needs to our customer service. Once an agreement is signed, you will have a client performance manager assigned to your client. It will help you to optimize the use of the platform.

Once your profile has been created, you can now begin your recruitment. By entering information related to your job posting, our algorithm suggests candidates that match your requirements, simply by analyzing the information entered in your job posting.

Jobillico + Google for more visibility

You did not know it? Your Jobillico account allows you to share your job offers on several other sites, including Jobbank. Thus, you benefit from additional visibility of your job offers across the country. Nothing could be simpler, a single click while you fill out the form of the job offer to propel it on the government platform.

Jobillico got up to date a few years ago by joining forces with Google for Jobs for even more visibility. Therefore, a candidate looking for: “customer service job” will result in your offer on Google, among others.

Added to this, the considerable efforts of our teams specializing in web referencing. They take care of placing Jobillico at the top of the search results on the various search engines. Take the test, we are very well placed on a large number of keywords.

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