How to react to a dismissal?

An economy at half-mast, results less satisfactory than hoped for, collaboration that does not go as planned… The causes of a dismissal are diverse, but whatever they are, they do not make the situation any easier. Find out how to react and bounce back after that fateful moment when your manager tells you that the organization is going to do without your services.

Have someone accompany you

Ideally, the separation is going well and you don’t have to worry about bad intentions on the part of your employer. Unfortunately, not everything is always so rosy. If you feel that you are being dismissed for cause or feel that you are being denied some of your rights, don’t hesitate to turn to a lawyer for legal help, they can look over the terms of the contract and advise you.

Analyze the causes

The goal: to avoid finding yourself in the same situation when you find a job again. Why were you said goodbye? Was it a problem of performance, integration, attitude, or simply economic reasons? Is there something you should do at your next job to keep it? During the dismissal interview, you can ask for explanations from the participants.

Mourn your loss

The sense of loss and emptiness after a dismissal can be difficult to overcome, but don’t try to ignore it. You need to admit it and deal with it. It’s normal to feel depressed, especially if you’ve been in the job for many years and consider your co-workers and even superiors as friends.

Talk about it…

This is part of the grieving process: talk with those around you to take some of the burden off your shoulders. Don’t hesitate to tell them how you feel, what your doubts are about what to do next, and listen to their advice. Indeed, with their hindsight, they may see positive aspects or solutions that you would not have thought of, too preoccupied.

…but be careful what you say…

Also don’t say just anything, especially if you discuss it with your former colleagues. For example, don’t blame everything on your former employer and insult him or her, as rumours could circulate and close doors for you in the future.

Seize the opportunity

The situation is difficult, but it can also bring opportunities. Are there things you’ve always wanted to do without taking the time, such as improving a particular skill, volunteering, or considering retraining?

Take some time for yourself

If you can afford it, don’t throw yourself headlong into a new job, try to take a few weeks to refocus on yourself, your desires, and who you are outside of your job. It’s easy to get lost in your professional value and forget that you have interests and qualities outside the office. Much like after a romantic break-up, get to know yourself as an individual again.

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