How to recruit and integrate talents in hybrid mode? :

Deconfinement has resurfaced for a few weeks in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada. This time, it seems to be the good one, the one that will last, we return to a form of stability. Two years ago, companies were forced to accept a new reality: that of teleworking. Since, unless they want to lose the majority of their employees, an employer must be flexible and find a balance between working in the office and teleworking, namely the hybrid working mode.

In another article, we demonstrated that hybrid working has several advantages and that more and more companies are looking into this new mode which is becoming a new standard. That said, not all recruiters are used to hiring and onboarding new people in these circumstances.

In this article, we will see what are the best practices for recruiting and onboarding new talent in hybrid mode.

Here are some tips for better recruiting and onboarding employees in hybrid mode:

Prepare and provide the necessary technological tools Send clear instructions before the first day of work Emphasize the date and time of the first day Schedule a meeting with the team members Send a message to break the ice Take the pulse during the first weeks

Prepare and provide the necessary technological tools

Imagine hiring a person who will not only have the challenge of integrating into a team that they don’t know, from home and that in addition, they won’t be able to check their emails, the platform dedicated to integration employees or software necessary for the exercise of its functions. It would be a real unnecessary stress inflicted from the first week of work. Suffice to say that it does not give a very good impression of your company and the atmosphere that reigns there.

According to a study by Robert Half, six out of ten employees say they have had a bad experience when starting a new job.

We note that the first reason for this bad experience is the lack of preparation of technological tools such as the computer, the professional telephone, the passwords, as well as the access to the various software.

To remedy this problem, only one watchword: preparation. Provide hardware at least a week in advance. This will give the employee time to get acquainted with all the tools, to carry out function tests.

Do not hesitate to give access to future employees at the same time as the computer equipment. Thus, if the employee feels more secure in configuring his mailbox, preparing his agenda in advance and reading internal documents before even starting, he will have this possibility. For many people, this brings a sense of security and assurance as the first day of work approaches.

Send clear instructions before the first day

Avoid burdening new employees with purely administrative aspects on their first day on the job. If you need specimen checks, insurance forms or other questionnaires, send them to the people hired in advance. This will allow those concerned not to stress more.

The particular situation we are experiencing often requires more time to complete certain administrative tasks. Knowing this information in advance will allow employees to be prepared when the time comes.

You can send the instructions by email or through your internal HR platform. Choose the easiest way for the new employee.

Insist on the date and time of the first day

Distance can cause some messages to get lost and forgotten. In your various e-mails, do not forget to mention the date and time when you are expecting the new employee. A little reminder of the address will be appreciated in the case of a first day at the office.

In the case of a first remote day, do not forget to put the employee in the bath. Send the calendars of the members of his team in advance so that he has access to all the meetings of his team.

Schedule a meeting with team members

One of the most stressful things for a new employee is feeling like no one knows them and everyone is looking down on them. It is quite normal to show up several times a day during the first week of work, but some members of the new employee’s team must know him a little in order to facilitate his integration.

It will therefore be necessary to organize an integration meeting as soon as possible with all the members who will be in professional contact with the new employee. Be present, especially the first few days so that the employee feels expected and considered by the company.

Send a message to break the ice

Take the time to let team members know you’re hiring someone new. Write a message briefly outlining the new recruit’s background and a few things to know about them. Thus, all employees will have broken the ice before the arrival of the “new”, which will give rise to topics for discussion.

At Jobillico, we have become accustomed to asking newcomers a few questions and adding them to our welcome emails. For example: what are your musical tastes? Are you wine or spirits? What is your biggest dream?

Take the pulse during the first weeks

Try to schedule follow-up meetings over the first few months. Make sure the integration is going well. Do not hesitate to collect comments and feedback from new employees. As a result, you will know if the person hired finds what he expected from the position and the company.

To finish…

As you will have understood, the recruitment of new employees in hybrid mode requires adaptation and a better effort of integration and follow-up. You will need to combine the reflexes you had before teleworking and those of working from home. Priority will be given to immersion in your company during the first days. Put yourself in your new colleagues’ shoes and do everything you can to improve their employee experience. You will see the benefits and payoffs over time.

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