How to stand out at work? 5 tips

1. Stand out with your self-confidence

There is no question of hoping to have a promotion without first estimating your current skills and measuring those that remain to be acquired to obtain the targeted position.

Then make sure that you feel able to take on these new tasks. For example, if you are building a managerial position, you need to be comfortable with managing a team.

It is by being convinced of the merits of your approach that you will convince those around you. You must therefore adopt a winning position, but without being boastful.

▶ ️ Discover all our tips for learning to talk about yourself positively but without bragging.

2. Work on your know-how to get noticed

For several years in your company, your know-how is no longer to be proven. Objectives achieved, your individual interview is only a formality for your manager. Your next challenge may well be to make your professional qualities and your soft skills known.

How to get spotted at work? Without playing boastful on all floors, do not hesitate to talk and share your achievements and other good practices to get you noticed professionally. For example, it is possible to make a report to illustrate your performance.

Communicate your successes to work on your brand image. If your company has a collaborative tool like slack, do not hesitate to inform the members of your channel of your achievements.

▶ ️ The objective is for your name and your skills to be known and recognized by as many people as possible and in particular by decision-makers.

3. Do not speak indiscriminately

Standing out at work can be all about timing. No need to tell the whole world 24 hours a day that you deserve a raise, promotion or congratulations for such and such a job completed.

Certain moments are key in the year to approach your professional future and stand out.

Well prepared, the annual interview can allow you to shine and communicate your wishes to your interlocutor. But he is not necessarily the only one. Why not take advantage of the (successful) end of a big project, the conclusion of a big sale to discuss the subject with your manager. He will listen to you and you will be to your advantage.

▶ ️ If you find yourself in a small talk situation, you can subtly highlight your accomplishments or those of your team. But beware, the balance is risky… you should not come across as a boast.

4. Keeping the accounts to stand out at work

To obtain a promotion, it is not enough to ask for it, it is also necessary to deserve it. To do this, rely on concrete elements: objectives achieved or even exceeded, deadlines met …

Also use congratulatory emails from customers and suppliers. And then of course, talk about the future.

Show your motivations for the position in question: your skills, your added value, your flexibility, your availability and your interpersonal skills. Be careful, show yourself in your best light but never at the expense of another colleague.

▶ ️ If you get a gesture from your manager or your employer, a golden rule to follow to encourage them to repeat the operation: give thanks after obtaining a raise.

Our Cadremploi advice: the year goes by quickly and your memory can play tricks on you. To avoid the risk of forgetting your professional successes, write them down as you go.

5. Learn to say no

Rather, you are the type to constantly absorb extra work because you never dare not to a colleague or your manager who asks you for help. Knowing how to say no when it’s justified is a good way to stand out at work.

Indeed, you will show that you are able to manage priorities and set limits in the interest of the company.

▶ ️ To be constructive, you can be proactive and submit a plan B!

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