How to write a CV for a student

A student CV often means looking for a summer job. It also means a lack of experience. This is what makes job hunting and CV writing difficult for many students with different and interesting backgrounds.

In this article you will learn how to write a student CV and find a sample CV if you are looking for a summer job.

I have no professional experience

You do not have professional experience in the field in which you are applying, or in another field, so what? It’s not just the experience that counts.

Know that there is something else more important, such as your interpersonal skills and your team spirit. A CV is used to show many aspects of your personality, especially in the case of a lack of experience.

Think about your qualities and your strengths

Whether you are 15 or 51, you have qualities that recruiters look for. You have to know how to optimize and highlight them when writing your CV.

A good knowledge of your history lessons means that you have a good memory and a certain interest in all cultures. Good math scores mean you’re comfortable with numbers.

If during your oral presentations you feel comfortable speaking in public, you can work with the audience.

If in your group work, you show initiative and you manage to unite your friends around a common project, then you have a good spirit of collaboration.

Is your room still organized methodically? You are certainly an organized person, able to manage several projects at the same time. The general idea is to compare the qualities that employers look for with those you have in school or in your everyday life.

Showcase your hobbies and accomplishments

Do you play sports or play music? Say it in your CV. Are you a volunteer in a community organization? Mention it too. Any experiences outside of school can be formative and demonstrate your motivation and willingness to learn from your prospective employer.

Steps to writing a good student CV

Here are the steps that will allow you to write your CV well if you are a student:

Use a template Enter the essential information Proofread and have your CV proofread Write a cover letter that accompanies your CV

Use a template

Even if you do not yet have significant professional experience, nothing prevents you from drawing inspiration from existing CV templates to get a better idea of ​​what your CV will look like.

You can consult our different CV templates to get an idea.

Put the essential information

Your student CV should include some very important information, for example: your full name, phone number and email address, your LinkedIn profile (if you have one), and your education details.

Proofread and have your CV proofread

Reread your CV carefully to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything in your information or accomplishments. Do it carefully as if you are proofreading a piece of work for school.

Also, don’t forget to have your CV proofread by someone who is fluent in French and who can help you correct any language mistakes. It is very important to write a CV without mistakes, because it gives a good impression to employers.

Write a cover letter with your CV

Often, employers require a cover letter to accompany your resume. There are several techniques for writing a cover letter or cover letter when you are a student. Here are some tips for a successful cover letter here.

Student Resume Template

Here is a student resume template that you can use as inspiration to write your own resume:

Firstname name

7656 Tremblay Street,

City, Province

Phone. : 123-456-4567

Cel. : 123-456-4567


Subject: Interest in the position of (name of position)

Work experience

(When) example: Summer 2019 Landscaping

During my summer vacation, I mowed the lawns of a dozen neighbors in my area. My clients have always been happy and kept asking me to come back every time.

(When) Example: October 2018 Volunteer

I was part of the volunteer team for the public market in my neighborhood. Sale of fruits and vegetables for the benefit of community organizations, cleaning of sales areas …


Currently in the fifth year of secondary school at the College (name of the establishment).

I went to primary school at (name of school) school.


Motivated and responsible, I am polite and smiling. I can be reactive in difficult situations.

I am on time and able to get up early when needed and manage multiple tasks at the same time.

Great ability to learn software or technological tools.

Computer science

I am proficient in iOS, Android and Windows. I am also used to working with the Office suite, especially Word and Excel.


French mother language

English spoken and read

Spanish School knowledge

(Other language)


I am a musician, I have been playing guitar since I was 7 years old and I play sports regularly, especially soccer.

Student Resume Template Word Format

Here is a student CV template in Word format. You can take inspiration from this when applying for your summer jobs.

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