Job Search and the Holidays: How to Answer the Multiple Questions of Relatives at Christmas?

You are going through the difficult, always too long and uncertain period of job search. You have to put your skills to good use, explore the hidden market, solicit employers, write cover letters, do follow-ups… It takes all your energy. And you’re fast approaching another period that will consume all your resources: the Holidays.

This period of love, rejoicing, sharing and festivities can be scary when looking for a job. The first thing that comes to mind is how to balance the financial impact of losing a job with the multiple expenses associated with the holidays. It’s a tough puzzle to solve. Another anxiety arises: how to respond to your loved ones and distant relatives, who will probably ask you “How’s work going? ». Having a job gives you a status, a social registration. Most often, it is the first thing you know about a person. But in the period you’re going through, you can no longer define yourself by your job. So what is the answer? You have several choices.

The truth, basically.. That is, you can find a formula that explains your situation without going into detail.

“I am no longer working in my previous position for a variety of reasons, but I am using this time to move on to a job that will be truly satisfying for years to come. »

Avoidance. You certainly have people in mind with whom you won’t want to elaborate. You can then formulate something vague and positive, ending with a question for your interlocutor, in order to send the conversation elsewhere.

“I’m in career redefinition, it’s an interesting time. So, I hear you’re going down South? Where are you going again?”

Seizing the opportunity. Each member of your family has an unsuspected network of contacts that could help you find a satisfying job. So, without making a sales pitch, you can simply communicate the type of job you are looking for by inviting your contact person to contact you if they hear of an opportunity.

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer in my last job. I am now looking for a position as an administrative assistant in a company or in a school. If you hear of anything, don’t hesitate to let me know! »

Open your heart. With the right person, at the right time, you can talk about what you’re going through. You might get a good dose of love and kindness. It can also make you feel less alone in the midst of everyone.

Whatever strategy you choose, you must first take care of yourself. Give yourself some Christmas cheer.

If you feel lost, you find your job search is stagnating or you need new strategies, you can come and see us at Centre étape. We have several free services that may meet your needs. Call 418 529-4779 to make an appointment with one of our counsellors.

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