You asked: Job seekers: what skills should we be banking on in 2018?

In the face of new technologies and increasingly fierce competition, the skills required of candidates are evolving. In this new year, what skills do job seekers need to stand out from the crowd?

“Since we are migrating much more to a knowledge-based industry than to manual labour, employers are focusing on the personal skills, ambitions and values of the individual,” explains Pierre-Luc Labbée, President and Creative Talent Strategist at Rum – Resources & People. As a result, according to this trend that has been observed for several years now and will become increasingly pervasive, job seekers should expect to put their personality traits and experience to the forefront.

Building on creativity

With the growth of new technologies, we find mostly job offers in companies where creativity is paramount: video games, cinema, visual effects, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc. “There are positions today for which we recruit intensely and which didn’t even exist two years ago,” says Pierre-Luc Labbée.

For their part, human resources managers are adapting their recruitment methods to this new type of job, which places greater emphasis on the personality of the employee. “Interviews are much more personalized and informal,” says the president and creative talent strategist.

The candidate must therefore be able to assert his or her autonomy and creativity. This personality trait is so sought after that a school of creativity sciences (La Factry) was created in Montreal in 2016. One course is even devoted to “giving concrete tools to tomorrow’s emerging creative talent. “Job seekers must be on the lookout for what’s going on and be able to adapt to change,” adds Pierre-Luc Labbée.

Thus, in this creativity so much sought-after by companies lies a capacity to renew itself… in order to better respond to the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Trendy in 2018: concise CVs and networking

The new year brings a new way of building its CV. “We’re seeing a shift towards a much shorter CV, but one that brings out the candidate’s personality much more,” notes Pierre-Luc Labbée.

Graphics, images, icons or even timelines are increasingly preferred. Former Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has opted for this method in a single-page CV that shows her achievements, her pride and even what a typical work day looks like to her. This new way of doing things now leads recruiters to pay more attention to the personal interests and skills section.

Thus, according to Pierre-Luc Labbée, blogs, Instagram accounts and Facebook pages linked to the candidate’s passions are an asset for the latter. What we want as a recruiter is to see who the person is,” he explains. So the candidate has to move on to something more personal, even if it’s not related to the position. »

Finally, networking, discussion platforms and social media are now a must for job seekers. “All recruiters are there, and the fact that they network demonstrates the candidate’s interest,” says Pierre-Luc Labbée. The CV is just one of many entry points to autres !

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