Frequent question: Leverage its added value when looking for a job!

The identification of one’s personal brand

Ladies, did you know that you have an added value that makes you unique, that sets you apart and that differentiates you from other candidates?

Well, yes! Beyond your technical skills, you have personal qualities that make all the difference to the employer when it comes to choosing one candidate over another.

In other words, your degrees and knowledge are not the only criteria that guarantee success at work. Employers are looking for people who have the potential to integrate well into their existing job and work team. Your personality and the way you bring out your strengths during the interview will help you succeed!

A preliminary reflection is necessary

When you prepare for an interview, you should stop and take time to think about your interpersonal skills, your qualities, your strengths, which constitute your added value at work.

An introspection will allow you to identify skills that are unique to you! Here are a few thoughts that will help you recognize your added value:

  • How do I see myself?
  • What are the words that characterize me?
  • What are my main values, my interests?
  • What do I want recruiters to remember about my application?
  • What makes me unique in my work?
  • What do people around me (friends, former colleagues or employers) think of me?

Since the search for a job leads you to experience all sorts of unsettling emotions (shock, anger, anxiety, discouragement, hope, etc.), it is important to look for the look that others have of you. In this way, you will be able to make links between your perception of your strengths and the perception that your entourage has of you.

Is it your determination to achieve your goals, your concern for the well-being of others in the way you provide customer service or your ability to organize work that constitutes your added value at work?

To help you

Another way to reflect on your added value is to think of someone you admire for their life journey, qualities, experiences, resilience, etc. Think of a public figure or someone close to you. Try to make connections between what you think of this person and yourself; your background, experiences and strengths.

Let’s face it, we’re modest when it comes to recognizing our strengths and selling ourselves in interviews. No one will be able to do that for you. That’s when you can ask for help, and good thing we’re here to help!

Do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you find your added value! Whether it’s for an interview preparation, a skills assessment or updating your CV, you’ll find that reflecting on your strengths will help you throughout your job search, and more.

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