Living “ en attendant ”… what ? – Center step

In the meantime… the return of summer, in the meanwhile to be in better shape, in the meanwhile his vacation, in the meanwhile something better… but quoi ?

Have you noticed that we always live in expectation of something and that sometimes we can’t even say what we’re waiting for and why we’re waiting for it attend ? With this way of living, one’s existence becomes a series of moments of impatience. Even more insane: by dint of thinking only of what is to come, when we finally experience it we do not benefit from it because we are already there. elsewhere.

What if the moment present was also worth enthousiasmer ? When you think about it, every day, even the darkest ones, has a positive side to it. When you try to see this, you finally understand that you don’t have to wait for happiness to come to you, but rather that you have to provoke it, and this, every day of your life.

Then, compared to the job search period…

If instead of seeing it as a “ en attendant ”, we saw it more as a “ en attendant ”, we would see it more as a opportunité? This moment in one’s life can in fact prove to be very profitable in one’s professional and personal development, because through the different approaches, one comes to learn a lot about oneself. This stage is a moment you can take for yourself, to review your priorities which, by the way, evolve over time.

Of course, being unemployed comes with its obvious share of challenges . We think of the budget, self-esteem, stress, to name a few. However, if we try to look on the positive side, we realize that this period is not just a “ en attendant ”, but rather a stage in one’s life journey. It is a time for refocusing, taking stock of one’s progress, eliminating unsatisfactory opportunities, making choices for oneself, etc. It is also a time to take stock of one’s life. All these benefits demonstrate that there is no need to clash to return to the labour market at any cost. On the contrary, taking the time and respecting each other will undoubtedly be more beneficial in the long term.

In short, we must stop calling this period a “ pause ” or a “ entre-deux ”. The job search is not a “ en attendant ” it’s a present and a opportunity to prepare for a new professional step that will come in due course.

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