Best answer: Looking for a job: how can you get motivated for the new school year?

You’ve taken a little break from your job search for the summer, and that’s fine: it’s important to recharge your batteries. But now you’re struggling to get back on track… A few tips to get back in the game.

Take stock.
If you’ve been off the job search for several weeks, you may need to rethink everything. The most important thing is to summarize your skills and career goals. Reminding yourself of your qualities and skills will improve your self-esteem, and telling yourself why you need to start looking again and what you are looking for will help to re-motivate you. You can take advantage of this opportunity to touch up and update your CV.

Adopt a professional rhythm
If the holidays are an opportunity to indulge in a few lazy mornings, when the new school year starts, get back to work! It’s tempting not to stick to a schedule and start looking “when you feel like it”, but it’s the best way to demotivate yourself. You may start by devoting only two or three hours a day, then a week, then a month… And less and less time as you get discouraged, which will produce fewer results and lead you into a vicious circle. Avoid this by setting the alarm clock for Monday morning and setting a schedule for yourself.

Define a weekly schedule
Monday morning to look for new job offers, afternoon to adapt your CV and cover letter to each one and send them, Tuesday morning to manage your social networks, afternoon to answer your messages, Wednesday morning to find out about job events, etc. You can of course adapt the schedule as needed: no refusing an interview because you had planned to write a post on LinkedIn! The important thing is to define a framework for your research so that you don’t risk spreading yourself too thin.

Did you respond to several offers before the holidays? Summer is a confusing time, and if recruiters have been away, your application may have fallen through the cracks. So it’s time to get them started again. It’s a good way to get back into the swing of things: it’s easier to get back in touch with someone you’ve already dealt with than to launch a brand new application.

Celebrate small victories
A job search is often made of many setbacks for little success, which can quickly turn out to be discouraging. So as not to let rejection get you down, make a list of your victories, and don’t omit any! The simple fact that a company acknowledges receipt of your application is already positive, when you know that many people don’t bother. And a rejection following an interview is not only negative: having been received by the recruiter is already a sign that your CV is interesting and that by persevering, you will end up getting the job of your dreams!

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