Pay Equity: Better and Worse Industries

The gender pay gap is still very much present in the world of work. Canada ranks 7th among OECD countries in terms of the highest wage gap, according to a report by the Canadian Women’s Foundation based on Statistics Canada data.

If we compare their salaries on an annual basis, Canadian women earn on average 66.7% of what men earn. And if we look at hourly rates by gender, for every dollar earned by a man, a woman earns 87 cents.

These wage differentials vary across industries. Here’s a list of the top five and bottom five industries in terms of wage gaps, according to Forbes. The magazine compiled data from the 2014 U.S. census, using the annual median salary for each industry as a basis for comparison.

Pay Equity: The Top Five Industries

5. Installation, maintenance and repairs
There is nothing like choosing a traditionally male occupation to avoid earning much less than a man doing the same job. In this industry, the median annual wage gap is only $4,500.

4. Food Services and Preparation
In food service and food preparation, the annual wage gap is only $3581 in the United States. However, these are occupations that are generally not very well paid.

3. Hospital care
The wage gap in hospital care occupations such as nursing is quite small between men and women: $33363.

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2. Community and Social Sector
Women have a strong presence in the community and social services sector. However, the wage gap still exists. It is $3,141.

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1. Office work and administrative support
Among office workers, men earn more than women, but this industry is the most equitable in terms of wages. At $1,839, it is the only sector among all the industries cited by Forbes where the wage gap is less than $2,000.

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…and the five worst

5. Business and financial transactions
Do you have any business sense? It’s even better if you’re a man, because the median annual salary for men in this sector is $15,000 higher than for women.

4. Sales and Related Trades
In sales, the wage gap between men and women is $22,100.

3. Management
Not all managers are treated equally. The average gap between the median salary of men and women in this sector is $22,000.

2. Health and Medicine
Although more girls than boys are studying medicine, gender equality in health is still far from being achieved. There is a gender gap of $38,000 between men and women in diagnostic health and treating medical professionals.

1. Legal and judicial affairs
The legal professions are the most expensive in terms of salary differentials. This gap is $51,098 with a median salary of $107,704 for men and $56,606 for women.

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