Request for paid leave: example, procedure, deadlines

How to apply for paid leave?

For request paid leave, you have to go to the company’s intranet or the HR space dedicated to taking leave. You can select the desired period of leave as well as the type of leave (paid leave, RTT, unpaid leave, etc.). The request entered will then be automatically sent to the manager who can validate or refuse it directly on the platform.

Before any request made on the company’s HR platform, it is recommended to make a first request to the manager in order to warn him that you wish to take leave and to specify the dates.

Our Cadremploi advice : it is advisable to do it in writing to your employer, rather than orally. You will get a written response from your manager, an authorization or a refusal to take your leave on the desired dates. In the event of a dispute, you will thus have proof of your request and the response that has been given. So keep the email with your request for paid leave.

When to apply for paid leave?

It is possible to request paid leave from an employer at any time.

This is also possible for new employees who have just joined the company. Leave can be taken upon hiring, with the employer’s agreement (Labor C., L. 3141-12).

Who should I send my request for paid leave to?

Depending on the size of the company, but also the practices implemented in it, the request for paid leave can be addressed to HR department or directly to upper hierarchy.

The request for paid leave is most often validated directly by the managers.

Is the employer obliged to accept paid vacation?

A company is obliged to allow employees to have statutory paid holidays.

Corn an employer is not required to grant paid vacation on the dates desired by the employee. The employer can freely set the order of departures on leave and then communicate them to the employees (C. trav., D. 3141-6).

In corporate jargon, this is called imposed paid time off.

How are paid holidays calculated?

If you work on a permanent contract (CDI) or on a fixed-term contract (CDD), you have the right to benefit from paid leave.

the calculation of paid vacation days is carried out as follows:

  • a minimum of 2.5 days per month of actual work (C. trav., L. 3141-3);
  • of which 11 days must be taken consecutively (C. trav., 3141-23).

Good to know : the collective agreement, a branch or establishment agreement, or your employment contract may allow you to have additional days of leave. So find out about the rules in place in your business.

Example of a paid leave request

here is a example of a request for paid leave to be sent to an employer.

For any paid leave request made by email, it is important to remember to specify the subject of the email.

Subject: request for paid leave


For the year [année de référence], I have [nombre de jours auxquels vous avez droit] days of paid leave.

I wish I could take [ces jours / une partie de ces jours] of [date] to [date].

Thank you in advance for letting me know if my request can be accommodated. If this was not the case, I am at your disposal so that we can fix together the dates of my next holidays.

Pending your response, please accept [Madame/Monsieur], best regards.


What if a manager does not respond to your request for paid leave?

If the employer has not responded to your request and if he has not communicated any date allowing you to take the leave you have acquired, start by relaunching it directly or through the human resources department: send registered mail, or emails, and attach a copy of your initial request.

If you still do not get a response to your request for paid vacation, you have several options:

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