Frequent question: Searching for a summer job – step by step

The first heat waves have already passed, summer is well established. With the warm weather comes the crucial question: is it worthwhile to start looking for a job during the summer? You might think that everything is at a standstill during the summer and that there’s no point in starting a job search. Even if some businesses or sectors are slow, not all labour needs have melted in the sun. However, to find them, you need to know what you are looking for and take the time to do an effective and continuous job search.

When looking for a job, keep in mind that you are only looking for one position – one job is enough! Fewer job postings is not necessarily a barrier.

Steps in the summer job search :

1 – Determine what you want to find as a satisfying job. When you don’t know what you are looking for, it is very difficult to find it. So, start with a skills assessment and an exploration of the trades if you’re unsure about what your future career will look like.

2 – When your employment objectives are clear, realistic and achievable, make sure you have relevant application documents. A new CV that highlights the skills you want to bring to a future job, as well as an effective cover letter are essential. You may need to modify these documents to adapt them to each vacancy you apply for.

3 – Make a game plan. You never know how long a job search will last. To avoid exhausting yourself or becoming discouraged before you’ve found a job, structure your job search with fixed goals and time frames. For example, you spend three hours a day looking for work. During the first hour, you visit your five favourite job search sites. Then you have the choice between :

    • Make a list of places you’d like to work, then:
      • Check their website and Facebook page for job postings;
      • Call them to ask if they have any present or future staffing needs;
      • Send an application in response to one of their offers or a spontaneous application.
    • Write personalized messages to people you know, to former colleagues, to acquaintances to inform them of your job search process and the type of job you are looking for. There’s nothing like word of mouth!
    • Adapt your cover letter and CV to apply for a job or for a spontaneous application.
    • Enhance your LinkedIn profile and make personalized requests to add contacts related to the sector you wish to join.
    • Contact employment agencies to see if they have contracts or positions that are not visible elsewhere that might be of interest to you.
    • Trust you! You may have other ideas to diversify your job search strategies and move forward.

4 – Keep track of your steps. As soon as you are interested in a position, save or print the offer. Make a file with the offers and also the associated applications. Also keep track of the contact persons and their contact details.

5 – Make reminders. You applied to a location but did not receive an acknowledgement of receipt? The next day, you can call them to make sure they received your application. The competition is over and you still haven’t heard from them? You can call them to see if the interview period has started. If it has and you haven’t been called in, you’ll know that it didn’t work. If it hasn’t, stay tuned, you may be called soon.

6 – Continue your job search, even – and especially – if you are waiting for an answer for your dream job. After a refusal, it is difficult to start looking for a job again, so it is better to have already sent applications and continue the process.

7 – Reminder: sending an application requires a little time and energy. You don’t need to be sure that you meet all the requirements to apply. If you’re not sure you’re interested in the job, you can still apply and it won’t be too late, later in the process, to change your mind.

As you may have understood, looking for a job in the summer is similar in every way to looking for a job the rest of the year! That said, you may need more patience and resilience, call returns may be late and interview invitations may be delayed. Hang in there, by doing a little job search every day, you’ll be able to land the job you’re looking for, while spending time with your loved ones in the sun!

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