Simple and short cover letter: free example and tips

Why make a cover letter simple and short?

Any cover letter must respect certain rules to be well written and meet the expectations of recruiters. However, this does not necessarily mean writing a long letter. On the contrary, by saying too much or being scattered about yourself, you risk not being read or not making the employer want to meet you.

Keep in mind that the goal of a simple and short cover letter is to land a job interview, and not simply to introduce yourself or to exhibit your know-how or to tell your life story. Go to the essentials by demonstrating your motivation and what you can bring to the company!

A simple and short cover letter has many advantages:

  • selected, the arguments presented will have more impact ;
  • you will spend less time wondering what to write in your cover letter;
  • ease of reading will be a time saving for the recruiter ;
  • the recruiter will understand at a glance the purpose of your application and what you can bring to the company ;
  • if your motivation is short, you are more likely to have it read in its entirety;
  • a well thought out synthetic letter will show, without you having to say it, that you know how to use the language and communicate effectively;
  • Once your simple and short cover letter has been written, you will have a template that is more easily transposable and can be used to support several applications.

Our Cadremploi advice : before starting your simple and short cover letter, don’t forget to redo your CV!

How to make a cover letter simple, short and fast?

For a simple and short cover letter, proceed in two steps:

  1. Think about the essential points that need to be addressed
  2. Take care of your writing so that you write as impactful a letter as possible.

What are the main points of a simple and short cover letter?

To make a short cover letter, we must limit ourselves to the essential points:

  • If you respond to an offer, reread and decipher the job offer
  • If you are making a cover letter for an unsolicited application, find out about the company and its needs.
  • Summarize your CV in one line, or two at the most.
  • Prepare your motivations.
  • Define your qualities and skills to highlight.
  • Plan to bring up the business.
  • Choose a short hook and a simple polite phrase.

How to structure a simple and short cover letter?

When you have prepared all the useful items, you can start to write your simple and short cover letter.

Several plans are possible to structure your letter, but for a short and quick letter, keep it simple.

For structure a simple and short cover letter quickly, here are a few tips :

  • Write an effective object : it should make it possible to understand in a few minutes the context of the application: you apply for a job offer or you make a spontaneous application for a certain type of position.
  • Start of cover letter : remember the position for which you are sending your application and, if necessary, take the opportunity to slip in what you know about the company.
  • Middle of cover letter : give meaning to your application by showing that your experience and skills are relevant to the position in question. You can also mention the company here if you have not mentioned it previously.
  • End of cover letter : demonstrate your motivation one last time by explaining what you can bring to the company and end with a invitation to meet you as part of a job interview, stating your full availability.

Our Cadremploi advice : once your simple and short cover letter has been written, you must proofread yourself before sending it. No recruiter likes spelling mistakes!

Simple and short cover letter example

To help you and accompany you in your writing, here is a simple and short cover letter example to respond to a job offer.

Our Cadremploi advice: stand out and think outside the box!

To be even more efficient in your application procedures, you can find the person in charge of the service in which you wish to apply and send him your simple and quick cover letter by email directly, in parallel with your classic application.

If it takes a little research, you can rest assured that your application will indeed be read and not get lost in the twists and turns of hundreds of thousands of others. With hindsight, the time spent in your research will therefore be profitable and you will be able to skip the HR selection stage.

Remember, to put the odds on your side in your applications, stand out and make a difference!

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