Six tips to increase your visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now an essential tool for the visibility of job seekers. But with its various paid versions and dozens of parameters, it can be difficult to know how to use it effectively. Here are a few tips to better set up your profile.

While many job seekers tend to use LinkedIn’s search engine directly to find an employer, Google remains the tool of choice for recruiters. In fact, according to Philippe Douale, a French social networking expert, many of them start their LinkedIn search through Google since its algorithm allows them to find candidates using several keywords.

Put your public profile

While the trend is towards the confidential profile on Facebook, the opposite should be done on LinkedIn. Indeed, making your profile public allows you to increase your online presence on search engines and get maximum visibility. Remember that Canada is the 6th most represented country on the social network, with more than 11 million users!

To make your LinkedIn profile public, simply activate the “Public visibility of your profile” tab in the “Preferences and privacy” section accessible under your photo. It is also possible to allow access to your profile to recruiters who use authorized services such as Outlook by activating the “Visibility outside LinkedIn” tab in the same section.

Customize your URL

When you create an account on LinkedIn, a URL address is given to you by default. You can change this by clicking on “Edit Public Profile and URL”. It is best to customize this URL with your name. According to a guide written by LinkedIn, this helps to boost your presence in search engines.

Opt for keywords

Since LinkedIn and Google are closely related, highlight yourself through catchy phrases with keywords. In fact, a LinkedIn study reveals that the most used words in 2016 were: leadership, specialized, passionate, strategic, focused, experienced, expert, excellent, certified and creative. So, to stand out from the crowd among recruiters, it would be best to avoid using these terms in your profile.

Follow LinkedIn’s advice

LinkedIn has the advantage of helping its users to improve their profile. Among other things, it informs them when an empty section should be filled in to get more visibility. It also gives them a note according to the information they wrote. From professional experience to education to achievements, fill in as many sections as possible to reach the “expert” level.

Interact with your network

Have you created a profile for yourself? Do you have a good number of professionals in your network? Take the opportunity to interact with them and publish content that may be of interest to them. The LinkedIn algorithm favours active subscribers in the home page interface… a good way to be found by one of your contacts!

Define your objectives

Of course, it all depends on your objectives on the network. This is why, even before creating an account, you must define your expectations. Do you use LinkedIn to actively search for a new job? To stay on the lookout for new opportunities? Or simply to enrich your network of contacts? How you use the professional social network and your profile settings will depend on your answer.

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